1. Hey I'll accepted even though i am Coke Cola fan but i can accept Pepsi. Awesome drawing

  2. I’m hoping they release a plan with more than 30 gigs of high speed data! I will port my main personal line right away

  3. Do it right away cause rn once you sign up you lock in to $25 as long as it active

  4. That is no crest. Its a Crown that she is the Queen.

  5. Yep. Stackable widgets. A main feature of One UI 5.0

  6. Actually One UI 4.1 (Android 12) was first introduce my Galaxy s10 has it without noticing

  7. I just like Topher-Venom costume since it is identical to Tobey Spider-Man costume.

  8. Now we need the Jurassic Park logo but instead of TRex its the Tiel

  9. Tiel: Instead of watching TV, Master, give me attention

  10. I’m confused. Why wouldn’t you buy directly from Apple, unlocked?

  11. 😛THC (KFC) good reference from South Park Episode Medical Fried Chicken

  12. Movies that includes weed including Harold and Kumar. Trippy movie to watch is The Menu 2022 recently saw that movie while smoking weed

  13. Now you know why you get slow connection bcuz that antenna 🥹

  14. 🥹 beautiful color congrats once they are yours

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