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  1. I’ve got good news, I was trying to looking and wind deflectors on Amazon and saw them and strangely remember this post , if you search “Carrfan Rear Window Louvers Car Rear Window Blinds Side Tuyere Louvers Vent” on Amazon you should find them :)

  2. Leave some outside lights on, lock up all doors and windows, close the blinds so someone can’t see what’s going on inside, buy a big doggo, go and talk to your neighbours and let them know what happened. If you have family or friends nearby, let them know.

  3. Thank you, just telling the neighbours so they can make sure they can keep themselves safe, I’ve never experienced anything like this, it’s completely caught me off guard

  4. Also get some electronic timers for lights inside the house , set them to varying start and finish times

  5. We have alternative alarm systems, we’re having work done to our house so we’re yet to install a full kit

  6. There a 7 but they pollute everything. What are they?

  7. Buddy, as someone who is only 5 years older, lemme tell you. Just because you're 20 doesn't mean that you only have a couple of good years left. I'm 25 and right now, still in college, got a decent job that makes good money and almost a year into my first relationship. If you wanna set yourself up for happiness, think about what your goals are. What job do you want? Where can you get that job and what do you need for that? Is there a sport you wanna do? Then check where you could do that. is there something you wanna learn that you are interested in? Think about those things and think about how you could achieve those things. Nothing wrong with putting them on paper and really thinking about it.

  8. Thank you means a lot that you took the time to answer, good luck with the rest of college <3

  9. Now try as much as possible to secure all of your valid ids, documents, and certificates. Make as many duplicates (photocopies) as you can.

  10. Not sure who needs to hear this but your important, and any troubles your currently facing will get better with time , keep on doing your thing❤️

  11. a 3 hour podcast between a guy called lex and vitalik sold me. i was completly shocked and instantly had look into crypto...

  12. Trying to catch a ride to teh moon!!!1!!11!!

  13. Probably my 3d printer. But I can make so many things!!! So many!

  14. If you look at something like Prusa MKS3 you can see all the plastic parts, those are all printed on their printers. But obviously the metals and electronics you can’t print.

  15. Yeah, seems like a really difficult task but not impossible :)

  16. Just remember there’s a 2 year old with a big portfolio then you 😉

  17. 'I know a song that'll get on your nerves'

  18. Still trying to figure out how to access the upgrades menu…..

  19. If you like it: whenever you want! If you want to be liked by others: as little as possible.

  20. I reckon you could use Mariah Carey as a integration method just play all i want for Christmas on loop until they speak 😂

  21. I find Christmas music being played after News years day, depressing as you know it’s over for the year, and it just reminds you of that

  22. Having my soul switch with an old person and being left paralysed while they enjoy my youth (I’m pretty sure this happened in a movie)

  23. Idk some dude told me to.. now here I am -$40,000 later Edit: -$60,000

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