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  1. Well, according to Quantum Mechanics, space and time is filled with virtual particles that are constantly appearing, separating, coming together again and annihilating one another. When near a black hole, one particle may fall into it, leaving the other without the other to annihilate. The particle that doesn't fall in seems to be radiation emitted by the black hole. Black holes, thus, are not eternal. They evaporate away very slowly, until they vanish in a massive explosion. Particles and radiation are theoretically the only things ejected by a black hole once it dies, not matter.

  2. Does that not violate the fact that matter cannot be destroyed?

  3. I'm quite certain you've fundamentally misunderstood what the slippery slope fallacy entails. I encourage you to read the following:

  4. I mean, the confederates declared independence years before the 13th amendment was passed...

  5. The learning curve of this game is VERY steep. You could go from landing on duna to doing the Jool5 in a matter of months.

  6. Clouds will definitely make the colony building, procedural wings, multiple vessels per construction, interstellar travel and new planets not worth it anymore lol

  7. this is the second time when being too fast worked against me.

  8. Go on Reddit and share intimate details of my sexual encounters, then post really not great photos of myself for attention and troll

  9. I dunno, I'd probably spend the rest of the day with my family, cuz they matter a lot to me. I'd treat it like a normal day, but I'd also treat it like my last.

  10. I came here to see if I'm found remotely attractive at all due to my accent... it's unclear.

  11. In a way down south in a land of traitors...

  12. Your lander has enough deltaV to ascend from Duna's surface AND make it back to kerbin.

  13. Don't underestimate my ability to poorly chart maneuvers, I used the in-game timer to get a launch window and the only encounter I could get spent like 500 more dv then the guide said, so I was assuming that I'd have similar problems on the return. I also didn't know how much was needed to ascend duna either.

  14. Around 1.5K is needed to ascend from sea level on Duna to low Duna orbit. An extra 1-1.5K is needed to arrange an encounter with Kerbin. The most likely reason you were forced to expend more deltaV is because the transfer window alarm clock is VERY faulty and unreliable, and you would just be better off eyeballing it or using the phase angle from the mod Kerbal Engineer Redux.

  15. Someone please explain. Is it tidally locked so you are in darkness?

  16. No, it is tidally locked to jool, not the sun. Thus, you don't get the cool view of jool in the sky

  17. Unfortunately, just because you have a negative opinion on the Ohio meme doesn't mean everyone else does, too.

  18. The most impressive mission I've done was either a rescue mission from interplanetary space, or a Jool 5

  19. Is console even going to get updates? Are we ever going to see this on consoles?

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