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  1. Cycle gives counter cards are a must and run all the instant speed protection you can. Anti token strats are worth looking at since your wipe colors are strong n your voltron.

  2. You could cut dark ritual for [[invigorating surge]] for sure, skulls pretty low to the ground.

  3. Hell yeah I love playing against mill.

  4. You never see mill when playing gy decks though, that's the rule lol.

  5. I got into a game with symmetrical mill as feldon recently.... oh man it was good to just have a bunch of creatures available for no reason, then I [[Mindclaw Shaman]]'d their [[fraying omnipotence]], easy game of my life.

  6. That's another problem, mill decks accelerating gy decks and not actually being able to answer it while stripping away other peoples resources. It's basically unintentional kingmaking with a splash of it's not my fault he picked gy into mill.

  7. Im gonna include it in my brew and i'll let ya know how it turns out, seems to be useful either way though.

  8. You know in sultai there is [[Volrath, The Shapestealer]] as well who synergizes wonderfully with her.

  9. I don't shame fat people, I know how hard life is being overweight sometimes as I have adhd and tend to impulse eat or boredom eat. I will absolutely shit on glorifiying being overweight though, it has no upsides and they are just encouraging you to lie to yourself that you aren't unhealthy.

  10. Just be careful about price vs quality and recieving proxies in that regard. If they won't provide a decklist it's always sus my friend.

  11. Comments about Tergrid are usually greatly exaggerated.

  12. The only time I hated a player off the board was because they ran tergrid with fast mana and tutors, in casual play. Looks like a slippery slope to me.

  13. I built a [[Nemata, Primeval Warden]] list that exiles creatures opponents have dying to make you saprolings instead.

  14. I've added [[swords to plowshares]], [[path to exile]], [[norn's annex]], [[anguished unmaking]], [[concordant crossroads]], [[fetid heath]], [[archivist of ogma]]. We're not talking about major cEDH staple tweaks here.

  15. Those last 3 are pretty spicy for casual, what precon are you modifying?

  16. Ever wanted to be the penultimate copy creature? Here's [[Volrath, The Shapestealer]] who can become anything with a counter on it at instant speed until your next turn for one single colorless. The shenanigans you can pull are out of this world.

  17. Now what if you wanted to be underestimated and then slap down some free ridiculous high cmc spells like eldrazi's? No problem for [[Jacob Hauken]].

  18. Ivd been brewing a [[Jacob Hauken]] list as the eldrazi topdeck style, it's hilarious but in no way fast. Did find a use for all my titans though.

  19. Might be interesting. Outside of my dismantled Kaalia. The only deck I run that really uses the commander often is Chulane. Most of the other decks I don't have to pull in my commander often. Or in Edgar's case, almost never.

  20. I just brewed him half baked and steamrolled a table easily, never thought i'd kill someone by casting profane tutor at instant speed on attack for tainted strike then using said tainted strike to kill the individual.

  21. Hey, you ever wanted to let rng truly take the . . . Wheel? Go build a zurzoth list and watch people reee and lose their minds at the amount of disruption it brings. So much fun to play in serious pods, hope you didn't need that land you just discarded fucker.

  22. I really want to put a [[mazzy]] deck together. There are enchantments like [[beastmaster's magemark]] that give YOU the benefits even if they're sitting on opponents' creatures.

  23. I can second mazzy as I have built her, it breathes life into the archetype by saccing her own auras for value, pump, ramp and removal. People lose their minds when I play and sac [[Crackling Club]] to remove all the small important drops out of nowhere.

  24. I run a [[Mazzy, Truesword Paladin]] aura voltron/aura sac-replay for value deck that makes use of ridiculous jank auras like [[Briar Shield]] and [[Crackling Club]].

  25. [[Atla Palani]] is really good for cheating in big beaters! You are 100% sure to hit them too, if you build your deck with very few creatures inside. That leaves you the option to fill it full with all kinds of other interesting things.

  26. I usually use a set of DnD dice so you can set it up at 90-2 or something like that.

  27. Im not sure if he qualifies but [[Zurzoth, Chaos Rider]] pings on wheels is what im brewing currently, might just be the flavor change your looking for.

  28. [[Mazzy, Truesword Paladin]] what if you played multi creature voltron and swung hard? She slso has a political aspect as her rancor effect is battlefirld wide. Sac and replay one drop auras like [[Briar Shield]] and [[Crackling Club]] for huge value and pump/removal.

  29. Perrie is actually the commander for a counter based precon, Bedecked Brokers, if you want to take a look at that for starters.

  30. Ive watched the perrie precon dunk on actual decks at my lgs lol, it's good shit for sure.

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