1. I’m not sure if alters can have babies but alters cannot die and therefore cannot be miscarried

  2. Can you clarify what you meant idk if im reading this reply wrong

  3. I meant can but made a mistake and then didn’t go on Reddit by accident lol. They CAN form at any time in life

  4. Probably because a lot of BPD traits can look kinda similar to how the teenage mind is, only extremes. Like mood swings, but to extremes. Wanting validation and attention from others, but extreme. Impulsiveness, to extremes.

  5. DID type 1 and 2 (like how bipolar one means full mania, did 1 would be amnesia, and how bipolar 2 is less intense mania did 2 would be partial amnesia)

  6. I’ve had meds that gave me brain fog and along with that gave me decreased communication, but others were fine and didn’t affect it at all

  7. I don’t think so. From my experiences and what I’ve seen from others and what research shows alters can’t really force anything upon others. They can’t change others appearances, personalities, etc so I think age goes with that

  8. I suggest putting post it notes around your room or something so the alters who forget have extra reminders. For the ones who don’t know that it’s something you’ve all agreed upon, maybe leave a note out that explains it and put spaces for each alter to write their name so you know who’s agreed and stuff. And for the littles, I’d try to explain to them in terms of any other clothes. When you go out you wear a shirt and pants or something. A head covering is just another piece you have to put on. Hope this helps

  9. Do they see a therapist? I think them being in therapy would help because a therapist could tell them they don’t have it and help steer them in the. Right direction

  10. I’d do both. Work with your current therapist as much as you can but also look for a specialist

  11. it might also be because you are in this sub. I don't know though, I've been banned for ages

  12. Not to be that guy, but it might be because you're a system.

  13. Yeah I know. It probably is because they’ve now decided anyone who mentions they have DID must be faking, despite me having a diagnosis

  14. Maybe I’m just fucking high but I didn’t understand a single word of that

  15. I don't understand the point of the first paragraph but I also think it's not accurate/it does not depicts reality.

  16. If you want I can link some resources that show why the paragraph is accurate. It has to do with brain development and personality development.

  17. I hate DID being an aesthetic at all. It’s not just that it’s “more than an aesthetic” it’s not one at all. There are no colors or photos or or fucking whatever that can describe how horrible this disorder is

  18. THANK YOU. when we say “did is not an aesthetic” we are not talking about those who make art from their experiences we’re talking about those who literally use it as an aesthetic

  19. Exactly. Like the stupid fucking boards with a color scheme and quirky tumblr-like photos and shit

  20. It can be either. Sometimes it’s indicative of the age but sometimes it’s the mind saying “i help awful and helpless at the time, so I feel like a baby in some ways because I was completely dependent and shit so let me split off a baby”

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