1. Koach is gonna hit 3 century in the series to make it 30+ centuries in Tests and one of those century would go on to become a double hundred 🀞

  2. Please educate yourself with how statistics work. You make your country seem less educated than it actually is.

  3. More educated then your half of your entire population πŸ₯±

  4. Iga has got her big rival. Pls Rybakina win it all.

  5. IGA has been my favourite player in women's circuit since she won her 2nd slam. Then came sweet & simple Rybakina who won Wimbledon. I started following her, liking her game and humbleness from there on.

  6. I came to the location around 4, I felt weird and just left without going inside the drive in.

  7. Why is BCCI even conducting Ranji if players doing this level of shit won't get a chance? just finish with ipl na why waste money

  8. If it was for a limited over series, no one would have blinked an eye but Ranji should be the foremost criteria for anyone who wants to represent India in the test side.

  9. Everyone is waiting for Virat to regain his Test form. That is the format he himself and we people value the most. Even in his dull period of almost 3 years, he was still good in white ball cricket but it's red ball which is where his form totally went under par.

  10. Meri b.tech khatam ho gyi hai aur abhi toh job kar rha hu magar lagta hai phir se JEE ke liye prepare karlu 'Allen' se taaki yeh flair use naa karna pade

  11. Woah, it's a joke... don't be too harsh... I've not drawn faces in a while. I'm not that bad also just out of practice.

  12. I know bro...I also typed it as a joke cuz I am shit at sketching myself πŸ˜‚

  13. Now I want RRR to recreate the same magic at next month's Academy Awards 🀞

  14. I thought it was in Feb. Anyway I just want it to happen for the world to witness.

  15. Language issue itna bada bhi nhi hai jitna usse media aur logo ne bana diya hai.

  16. He was anyway playing Test format only. In Pant we got a much better replacement, with him being our best test batsman for the past year while also overshadowing some top order batsman in the run.

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