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  1. Top Gun: Maverick wasn’t at the level of batgirl

  2. That's all you got? Man you're worse than I thought you were at this

  3. I just bought Monopoly Avengers Edition. It’s glorious. Thought this was a good place to share.

  4. Ooooh right, your uncle stole your virginity when you were little

  5. I've seen your post history. You're a troll and you're also very bad at it

  6. Says the guy who buys porn dolls lol. I bet your parents are proud of you.

  7. Fuck off. I thought we were meant to champion creative freedom here? A Batgirl movie made by the Ms. Marvel guys starring 4 fantastic actors, including Michael fucking Keaton and JK Simmons, that set up a future for the DCEU is scrapped and y’all happy?

  8. The director was the director of Ms. Marvel? Glad it got scrapped!

  9. Oscar proceeded to drink wine with a side of titty cheese, furious with the park’s decision

  10. My first game was Melee, I had a blast when my brother told me he got a Mewtwo challenger approaching and asked for my help

  11. Who is mintberry? What the hell is going on?

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