1. Same in the UK the unspoken rule is you sit on every available seat that isn’t next to somebody else first and then stand if there’s no spaces after that you then sit next to a stranger. I assumed it was the same in most countries

  2. Is that really the UK's unspoken law? Don't we just sit next to a stranger after all seats are full? Very rarely see people standing on the bus.

  3. I managed to do it but it was very fiddly. Just FYI.

  4. Nah bruh he was talking about it for months so I assumed it happened, mans bugging

  5. Professional mode is the real hours right? I'm not playing with the sped up one

  6. If the bar is at 100% you are all covered. You might need to add stores for the passengers.

  7. There is a tile button on the left side. If you click on it, it will bring up a dirty/clean slider and the floor will change color. Blue is clean and green is not, with numbers giving the strength of each. You want to make the blue has a higher number and overlaps all of the green. Just because you have a lot of bathrooms does not me they are providing a clean environment. Make sure the blue "overpowers" the green.

  8. There are no green tiles. And the bar at the top is totally blue and 100%.

  9. I have a mixed fleet but I would say Boeing is more versatile

  10. Are you doing tri class flying? If so, LHR is very good or NRT. From LHR fly to the Western USA, East Asia, South America and South Africa. From NRT, fly to Europe, Asia and Oceania.

  11. LAX is very good into Europe and a small part of East Asia. LHR is pretty well rounded, going to all continents apart from Oceania in 24hrs.

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