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I was born female. I presented female until about last year. Then I presented masculine, it was more comfortable, but didn't really feel right. This year, I went to homecoming as me.

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  1. I would add that the actual survival situation rarely, if ever happens to most folks. So 90 % of the time you’re bushcrafting only.


  3. Because John Muir didn’t listen to anybody who told him what he needed.

  4. Go to the store and get whatever they have. 5 dollar chinese will do. If it has a blade it will work. Granted, there are some knives that will make a job easier, stay sharp longer, hold up better, but be real. I wouldn’t baton certain knives though. I rarely use that technique anyway. Too much emphasis on expensive equipment. Most of us should sharpen our skills and not worry so much about being cool.

  5. You should ground the coax of all antennas before it enters the shack. I’m not real smart on this myself so wait for other replies for the technical stuff. I know there is a lot of guidance available on this through ARRL and local building codes. All my antennas ground just before entering the shack.

  6. To bug out? Get rid of the rifles. Just take about a half jar of that PB. Crossbow? Nevermind. Ditch it too. If you were serious about this and not joking, I’m sorry. But this mid evil thing? C’mon. You’re not murdering anybody. You’re not hunting. Your getting away from some danger. A couple days at most. Almost constant travel. A lot of it at night. Think lighter better food. Food tabs are a good meal. All the necessary vi and min. Have different ways to make fire. A tarp. Toss the rest of that to the side.

  7. I think way too many people are angry at Fenn and/or Jack. You people entered the game of your own free will. You lost. He won. Nobody owes you anything. You sound so juvenile. Sour Grapes and all that. Again the main point...Nobody owes you anything! Quit being babies. It’s unbecoming.

  8. Electromagnetic’s and frequencies are certainly a key to every function in the universe.

  9. Entitled? Where have I heard that before? I don’t believe that is a word to be used by someone who is not the first to solve the puzzle.

  10. I have a neighbor who uses under floor heating with solar heated water. I use an 12 volt rv heater with propane.

  11. I would add some other firemaking stuff. That bic won’t work in the cold.

  12. Ive had trouble with bic 3 times in not super cold temps. 20’sF. They did light, but it took awhile. I didn’t like that, so I carry alternatives.

  13. as someone who works in -40c, I can promise you it will. Sometimes takes a second, but it will work

  14. I personally have had trouble lighting a bic 3 times in 20’s F. They did light but it took a few tries. I still carry one, but I also carry alternatives.

  15. Why would you assume slaves were used?

  16. At this point in human history wage labor didn't exist and you can sure bet it wasn't the landed gentry taking a hammer and chisel to the stone. That leaves you with one option for a society's grueling work.

  17. I don’t believe any number of slaves could or would build this. I feel like it had to be done with knowledge and tech much greater than we currently have. If you had a million slaves you still couldn’t create this.

  18. It’s just the projectile. Already been fired.

  19. I say check the wires with a multimeter for voltage. Maybe someone re-discovered how to harvest earth energy. Or was experimenting with it.

  20. Every Time someone describes their friends as “avid hikers” I cringe. To me the people they are describing tend to over exert themselves, knowing they’re going back to their car in a couple hours. They under prepare for the same reason. They use locations and trails as trophy’s, so they rarely repeat a trail. Therefor they are often unfamiliar with where they are. There is also a lack of survival skills. These are things we discovered in my area. If somebody used the term “backpacker” I would have a completely different picture. Edited to add that in the last 10 years people use adventure for social media points, and aren’t as serious about learning.

  21. The place is a fort from the 1700s, there's a forest on the roof

  22. This doesn’t look like a roof. Lots of foliage.

  23. Do a controlled training trip or two. Go into the woods, desert, swamp,??? for a day with nothing but your cell phone. Have someone on standby to pick you up in an emergency call. That’s the ONLY reason that phone gets used! Then do a weekend trip. Same thing. You will then realize what’s worth carrying or not. Trust me. You wont die if you cant find food, or you fall and skin your knee with no first aid kit. If you have to chop a log with a sharp rock, or learn to improvise something for shelter you do it. And learn.

  24. Please. Just be you. You don’t have to tell everybody though. That’s like me saying I had eggs for breakfast. Does anyone really care? Sorry if I’m insensitive. Just don’t need to be told everybody’s business.

  25. Don’t you know, you could make more money as a butcher?

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