1. I love this and I applaud your efforts. Gave me a good laugh

  2. How I loot digital watches is by clicking “set alarm”. You put it in your inventory and a window pops up to see if it has one set

  3. Don’t get attached to any of your survivors. It’s just heartbreak

  4. Great, now you’ll forever have disturbed sleep lol

  5. About a month in and just raided the military checkpoint! Got my very first M16!

  6. should be right. I've had water shut off on day 2 before. that's the earliest I've seen

  7. Awesome, now I’d like to see Sims houses built in PZ

  8. This was nearly the exact comment I was going to leave.

  9. But on the other hand he buys a bunch of trailers, fixes them up and just gives them back to everyone that was evicted.

  10. Love it man! I don’t think I have the patience for that. I’m either killed dead and eaten or leave the planet well before this point lol

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