1. Wheelchair user, not bound. Their wheelchair doesn't define them ☺️

  2. Future islands is the go to band for me right now.

  3. I have a piece(s) of different arches hanging around.

  4. Lolla is not a festival I would enjoy tripping at. The vibes aren't it for me to enjoy a trip. Alcohol and molly yes, psychedelics.... Eh.

  5. Goth babe vibes won't be the same at lolla. It was nighttime in a tent, legendary set because of the timing. Truly can't go wrong either way during the day, but do goth babe since you haven't seen them!

  6. I bet below $200 could happen. I paid $150 for my Bonnaroo ticket this year 🤷

  7. I will pass, even though I don't mind her music.

  8. which stage still had bad audio issues it felt like i was listening to flume on volume 3/10

  9. That was all on flume. Chvrches was probably the loudest show of the entire weekend.

  10. Ive been liking blackwinterwells a lot lately too. Would be a great Thursday or early day set.

  11. I stumbled upon superjam by mistake and was pretty impressed. Chick from Japanese breakfast sang 99 red balloons but in dutch or whatever it was.

  12. Missed lettuce just because it was too early on Sunday for me 😓

  13. Damn. The schedule I had (I guess it was an older version) said 12-1 AM

  14. They changed their set time about a week after the schedule was posted. Was gutted about it because of the j Cole overlap.

  15. No need to hate, just check periodically next year before the start of the fest 😊

  16. It’s an outdoor venue. Plenty of parking and restaurants around. The venue is basically a converted parking lot that’s fenced off but it’s nice. I looked for tickets for a while before buying through stubhub. Theres still a lot of available tickets on stubhub so that might be your safest bet but the prices are going up. There’s a ton of scammers out there, so just be careful.

  17. Of course, I'm a pro at buying secondhand now fortunately. Truly just hoping to avoid site fees (especially ticketmaster, $40ish per ticket?! Are you kidding me?!) Thank you for the venue info 😁

  18. Yeah I cringed paying those fees and was amounted to nearly double face value. I normally try to avoid that at all costs but really wanted to go so did what I had to do.

  19. I understand that. What was face for Asheville if you don't mind me asking? I paid around $60 face in Knoxville in April at this weird seated venue, but we had a pretty good view at least.

  20. Radiate Positivity has turned into just a corporate slogan

  21. The dust was hell on earth this year. I couldn't talk Friday or Saturday because of it, wore a bandana pretty much all weekend. Hopefully just irritation for you.

  22. I don't sleep in a tent anymore. Just a cot with a canopy and tapestries on the sides. I sleep at least 2 hours more.

  23. Slowthai is the best answer to this dilemma!

  24. I found Mt joy to be exactly what you'd expect of him live, so if you're feeling something unique, the superjam is the move. Just depends how you feel that day!

  25. Poster board is okay just make sure to have your totem sideways during shows to not block the view of people behind you 👍

  26. Looking at Thursday, goth babe to gryffin to role model will be tough. Since it's Thursday it may be early enough for you to pull it off, but remember roo is a marathon, so my suggestion would be to let one of the 3 fall off.

  27. How far away is the what from which stages? Will I be able to make it from cole ending at 1230 to Illenium set at 1245?

  28. Yes. Everyone will be leaving what because it's the last set so follow the herd!

  29. Dillon Francis is scheduled for Thursday night in the campgrounds. I don't think he would stick around two more days for another set, but I could be wrong. And air2earth is already scheduled for a campground set as well

  30. You can leave the fest with the car that is camped, though I don't recommend doing so unless youre by an exit (can be very inconvenient and time consuming depending on what time of the day you attempt to leave). I'd say use one car if you're comfortable with a single space, but two cars will give you double the camping room and double storage space. My sort of rule of thumb is 3 people per camping spot is easy, 4 people begins to get hard.

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