1. There’s no wayyyyy, I’ve never seen a drake so prepared for an adventure lol, can’t be hahaha

  2. !!!!! I’ve still got mine from my middle school scholastic book fair !!!!!!

  3. Indy Kidz, Teeth, Black Widow, It's Just Forever, and Japanese Buffalo all go hard.

  4. I seriously zoomed in on the swords and was legitimately enjoying the details of the leather until I zoomed out and noticed what this was about…

  5. Same thing happening here, only way I've found that fixes is to change to a new playlist.

  6. Man idk if it’s just me or the game but this little climbing bit pissed me off every time

  7. Exactly! He's one of my favorite artists and I got so fuckin hyped when I realized it was him.

  8. I would’ve never guessed in a million years that he would colab with gow, I remember waiting for wasteland baby to come out in highschool

  9. Brian Wilson is my dad by breakup shoe was my first thought but I’m not sure if it’ll be tooooo similar

  10. Great song btw, I think sinkin’ is probably their best

  11. Oh, Strong Towns is absolutely going to be your go-to. Video series summarizing their findings:

  12. Mazzy star’s “so tonight that I might see” album

  13. It’s one of their best covers ever 1000/10. Bob Dylan’s cool and all but this is their song now

  14. Thanks for this suggestion mate. It was really good. Can't wait to explore their music more. :) Lots of love

  15. It’s always so beautiful, every concert sounds a little different and I love it

  16. The band called Loving, all their work gives fall vibes

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