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  1. As an ADHD person (heavily suspect in autistic as well) it’s kinda a complicated thing. The more accurate term would be neurodivergent as opposed to neurotypical. Our brains work different but not wrong. The issue is that the way the world is currently set up is just not good for us.

  2. I read the title as mortality at first and just sat there confused for a minute. I really need some sleep.

  3. One thing I will say is that the spellcasting feels a bit weak for a god. A level 11 Cleric can cast the same number of spells as a level 30 Deity. Other than that, amazing job!

  4. Yea the way it shook out the deity is a martial class first. I will say though a deity above level 20 can cast 2 spells of 6th through 9th level if they choose two domains with Innate spell casting, and deities in general have access to their entire given spell list, that was the trade off anyway.

  5. Fair enough. What I would recommend anyway is that you add half your proficiency bonus to the number of times you can cast instead of just half your level. Just an idea.

  6. Maybe. You know how Ares has an aura of anger and stuff, I’m thinking I would be able to invoke one of peace and comfort ending the battle right away.

  7. Okay- I was about to say that this is a wild take even for us Americans but…. I am so sorry for the existence of these people.

  8. Nah, I prefer 8d6 fire damage in a 20 foot sphere. Just immolate all of it.

  9. You seem to already have a lot of good advice here but I just wanted to give my support as a queer 16 year old who got lucky with their schooling. You got this. Hail thyself!

  10. I’m not not an anarchist. I’m more along the lines of chaos within order if that makes any sense

  11. As an actor, refer to the character as the character and me as myself. It’s really that simple.

  12. I’m sorry what? Yeah I’m thinking that is not appropriate for kids that young.

  13. You're not keeping up with the real news:

  14. That is a great idea, however rogues still won't be proficient with things like greataxes, hammers, and so on. So the number of magic weapons and armor it is useful with is more limited. Not the end of the world though (since this is a straight buff). If you wanted to make more weird thief builds (because stealing a magic greatsword and sneak attacking with it is fun), you may want to add an optional feature to them that makes them proficient in magic items they are attuned to- or something like the kensai monk and allow them to become proficient in any weapon over a long rest.

  15. Oh so if I cut off your dick you’re a girl now? No, you’re nonexistent because I just cut all of you off this planet.

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