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  1. In what regard is the rx6600 superior? Wondering as I just bought a EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 12GB XC yesterday as a cheap upgrade (but it costs the same as the 6600), and the specs don’t seem terribly different.

  2. According to Techpowerup’s gpu database, the 2060 12gb is about equal in performance to an RX 6600. I don’t know exactly how they come to that conclusion, so YMMV depending on the games you play and at what resolution, but if they were the same price that’s probably not a bad deal. Both cards are a helluva lot faster than a 3050 tho.

  3. Wow, really? Never would have thought a 2060 would be faster than a 3050 (generation newer). I’m so out of date with the naming /marketing scheme.

  4. Yeah, I think it’s fairly common for the 50 series cards to be worse than the 60 series from the previous generation. 1050 was worse than 960, 1650 worse than 1060 and so on.

  5. I always wonder how those GPUs manage to breathe smushed so closely together like that.

  6. That makes even less sense. They would need a warrant to search her computer, which I very much doubt they would get based on the information that would have been provided. Unless the therapist really overplayed what she was told when she was relaying it to the authorities.

  7. I'm simply saying one shouldn't skimp on power when it's a new build and the price isn't much difference. Power is where it all starts, bottom line. Better to have a little more than required on a new build that's all wired properly then have to reinstall one later (not hard but hate to rip shit apart on a custom build when it could have been done already. There's very little price difference and I'd rather have the option personally rather than needing it later and having to unplug everything and rewire at all. Bottom line it depends on budget and if the person building it plans to upgrade down the road. But anything in the 3000 and series or hire for Graphics definitely is going to want more power.

  8. You’re right about it being smarter to get a better power supply than you need, but OP asked if 650 was enough for this build and your first comment said “that 650 W power supply isn’t going to be enough.” Basically, you’re on crack if you think 650 isn’t enough for a build with a 5600 and a 3060.

  9. Swap that MSI motherboard for a ASUS B550. Swap that 3060 for a 6700XT. Swap that 5600 for a 5700G. If you’re only going to use 16GB of RAM, get two 8GB sticks instead of a single 16GB stick.

  10. Ignore what this guy’s saying about the motherboard and cpu. 5600 is better than 5700g unless you need more cores. If you can get a 6700xt within your budget, that’s a much better card, and getting two sticks of ram is better unless you plan on eventually getting an extra 16gb stick.

  11. Makes me chuckle when people do shit like this. Or for example when they say “whom” to try to sound smart, but they use it in the wrong context.

  12. What made you think it wouldn’t happen to you? Why would the laws of physics make an exception? I don’t know how after all this time people are still surprised

  13. He spelled naively correct in the second half of the first paragraph, so it quite likely could have been autocorrect that got him with the nativity.

  14. Would it be a good upgrade from AMD Thunderbird cpu?

  15. Thunderbird? Isn’t that from 90s? If so, I doubt it would be worth the upgrade

  16. Dunno. The 9000 generation could pretty good. Might wanna wait.

  17. Exactly, you don’t wanna buy hardware now that’s gonna be obsolete in 4 or 5 years

  18. With that much cooling power, Imma guess somewhere in the Sahara desert?

  19. psychopaths are the people saying that the apartheid was just a case of human history.

  20. The apartheid was a very sad and shameful part of human history. Anyone defending, justifying, or trying to minimize it is despicable and probably a psychopath. The same goes for all other examples of violence or prejudice in humanity’s long history of being awful (this example included).

  21. Who the hell is glorifying what's happening in SA now? The top comment in this thread is asking why it's happening and people explained. Then as a response to that explanation, which btw a lot of hisorians agree is the correct take, people either try to whitewash the apartheid as "typical human behavior" or cry about how everyone should care for the current victims.

  22. You seriously can’t see how your own comments seem to indicate you’re happy about what’s going on?

  23. This seems cool, but I get major dystopian vibes from this. Definitely a nope from me.

  24. He stated pretty unequivocally that many of the posts seem to be fake, but as per the rules of the subreddit, the threshold for what is obviously fake is very high. He explained it quite clearly, so I dont understand what you’re arguing about. If you don’t like the rules, leave the subreddit, don’t complain about the mods who are enforcing the rules that have already been set. I don’t think Tim has any more say about that than you or I.

  25. If the bar was so high we wouldn't be seeing dogshit and this post wouldn't exist. Not gonna argue with you,.

  26. “Not gonna argue with you” he says, whilst arguing with me. Lol

  27. Everyone is screaming "divorce!" while not even considering the logistics of kicking someone in the face while they're sucking your dick. Why is nobody questioning this? I generally have a hard time believing anything I read on Reddit, but this one takes the cake. Literally just think about how damn near impossible it would be to kick someone in that position.

  28. absolutely..... miners will buy them all no matter what because the hash rate will be beyond anything currently mining right now. so until the difficulty equalizes aka all the miners get the new gpu then the miners with the new GPU will be raking in all the profit while miners with 30 series make nothing. Thats exactly why there was such a frenzy over the 30 series. Crypto is fundamentally great at selling GPUs. Thats why nvidia should already be selling to miners so the difficulty is equalized by the time gaming RTX cards launch. Thats why BTC went to ASICs years ago, now ETH has ASIC coming out since its value has been high for a while but the ETH could fork to nerf the ASIC who knows.

  29. If some of the rumours about the 40 series are accurate, they could end up with lower hash rates than the 30 series, or at least similar rates, albeit at lower power consumption. However you probably won’t see many miners rushing to grab them as mining profitability is quite low and ETH is going POS at some point in the future, making that a pretty poor investment. Would make sense for them to just keep the cards they likely already have.

  30. I’m not convinced until I see a banana for scale. Could just be a really tiny rabbit on the left, making the one on the right look big.

  31. Just cause you were thinking it, doesn’t mean you had to say it…

  32. There’s a reason why I have never sought advice or judgement from Reddit, and this is exactly why. This is probably the most sane subreddit I’ve come across that deals with controversial topics, and even this one can get a bit crazy at times. If the people on AITA, relationship advice, etc. are disagreeing with you, you can safely assume you are in the right.

  33. This is true in a vacuum however it was my understanding (from my history in the Evangelical church) that the "life begins at conception" idea WAS solely a religious concept, as instructed by a god, at least according to a lot of followers of said god. This comment section kinda turned into a shit show, which I wasn't intending or expecting but I can see now how people have rationalized that idea while removing the supernatural element, like the "unique DNA" argument that a few have referenced.

  34. Atheist pro-lifers existed before Roe v. Wade was overturned and there’s nothing contradictory about being atheist and being pro-life. I’m religious and pro-choice, does that make me insane and contradictory?The fact that you’re seeing more of them pop up now probably has to do with the fact that everyone and their mothers are talking about abortion right now. It’s not some conspiracy to make being morally opposed to abortions seem more reasonable.

  35. I don't think this person understands what Atheist means.

  36. I don’t know why you’re so dead set on dogs being carnivores, but they really aren’t.

  37. Then she's gross if that handle was created after the Me Too movement and this is her "satire." Downvote me, IDGAF. That's some BS, and a woman should absolutely know better.

  38. It’s meltoo, not me too. I only just found out she exists, and thus have no insight into why she chose that handle, but I kind of doubt it has anything to do with the ‘me too’ movement. Probably just a coincidence.

  39. I just think the combination of this and how it looks like Me Too at the bottom is in very poor taste. If this is representative of her work, she should choose another handle because the connection between the two is all I see. That detail turns potentially hilarious satire on its ear for me personally and makes it look like something an incel would make.

  40. I can see how it looks like that, but these days coming up with an online name that doesn’t offend someone in some way or another is probably pretty tough.

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