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  1. A friend of mine died last year. I have always been completely atheistic, and still am, but I believe that she came back as a Butterfly. A gorgeous Monarch butterfly.

  2. J.K. Rolling or however the hell you spell her name. She should just get off the internet.

  3. When you sort by new, you have a pretty good chance of actually interacting with the OP. Most of the opportunities to comment sorting by best or hot get lost in a sea of other responses. I'd rather have one genuinely interested person read my comment then a bunch of people scan past it.

  4. I don't personally get offended or extremely defensive when someone calls me a retard, even though I'm mentally challenged. What I don't appreciate is how many people think it's okay to say the word. It's not a word you should call people, because it has derogatory intent. It may seem silly, especially to people who were around when it was okay to say, but as people evolve, we realize that some things are more cruel than we had thought. I don't like it when people use it lightly. People don't know what the word actually means, and It makes me uncomfortable when people tell me what the word should mean to me even though I'm the victim to it. Your opinion is valid, but I'm just pointing out that it makes me uncomfortable.

  5. Dont even bother about the homework. Just make sure that you don't fail the tests. Learn hard for the tests and make sure to finish the year. Everything you learn has nothing to do with whatever you want to do afterwards.

  6. Tried to last year, failed all my classes, and had to spend weeks catching up with the rest of the class. Homework is 30% of our grade. I always got A's on tests, but anything else was a zero.

  7. Belle: The Dragon and the Freckled Princess. Also known as Ryu to sobakasu no hime. Not only is it the best movie I've ever seen, it also has a killer soundtrack and some of the most beautiful visuals ever.

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