1. Man I've had some stupid hot shit in my day, but last year's chip destroyed me. Thought I was going to have to get my stomach pumped.

  2. The heat was nothing compared to the intense gut pain and eventual nausea an hour later.

  3. I suffer from ring of fire from a lot of spice. I preloaded mine with some ice cream and pepto and actually had no problem during… transit.

  4. I had been eating a good amount of garlic reaper and Last Dab in the days leading up. This was the first time I’ve ever vomited due to heat. “Gut slash” as described in the pamphlet is real

  5. So glad he’s gone. Not only because he’s terrible but the way he cheap shot a player after letting in a softy. But mostly because he’s terrible

  6. This is the only real answer. A healthy Lindros is a top-5 all-time player. And before anyone laughs at that, go look up his stats, before he got into concussion troubles, they back up that claim. He didn't just have hitting and fighting, he was offensively producing at a rate behind only Wayne and Mario. Wasn't a slouch defensively either.

  7. The Flyers were better without Lindros. He was their Sean Kemp.

  8. RXL says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was video to be honest. It's pretty common knowledge for everyone in this area that followed high school basketball at the time.

  9. At one point he issued a public apology, I believe for something he yelled at a high school kid during a game when he was still an assistant coach. I r always wondered what happened. His Facebook feed used to be highly entertaining.

  10. Is it just me or are these wolves tiny? Coyotes? A normal wolf would dwarf that mastiff the way he dwarves these coyote lookin mfers.

  11. Pointy ears, narrow snouts, skinny boys taking shit from a dog…I don’t think these are wolves.

  12. I am so thankful for this period in Batman history, before things swung to the opposite extreme where Batman is now so dark and important ooohhh

  13. El Turix in Polanco is a must. Try a panucho. Cocuyos for suadero and and el Huequito next door for Al pastor. High concentration in condesa and Roma Norte including Orinoco, el Califa, el Tizoncito, el Jarocho, pescaditio, tacos Don Juan. Pujol for taco bar Omakase if you want to ball out

  14. I never picked side but in all honesty I'm sick of the gas prices $1.45 gas was really fucking nice. Now I have to bend over and spread just for a half a tank. $20 used to fill my car now it's not even a quarter tank. I remember when $20 used to fill it half... it was a month ago...

  15. The president of the US is the smallest determinant of gasoline and oil prices. Supply and demand.

  16. At least Rainn Wilson looks sort of regular without the haircut and glasses but Jim will always be Jim.

  17. I just shat myself viewing that picture. That’s a high compliment.

  18. No matter what I do, I keep getting a burn ring around the bottom edge of my pizzas. I thought that it was store bought dough I was using but the same thing happens with the Omni dough recipe. It seems to happen almost immediately after I launch the pizza. I tried using flour and semolina for stretching and dusting the peel but it happens with both.

  19. Your dough might be too cold. Cold dough scorches. The other likely culprit is too much flour on the crust. I had the same issue last cook. It got worse with each successive bake. The research I’ve done led to these conclusions.

  20. My restaurant wants to start serving plates and so we’ve been trying to find what different people think are the best hots places. I’ll have to peep Jimmy Z’s, I don’t get out to bport much

  21. Dogtown and Charlie Riedels were the best in my opinion, but anything will do after midnight.

  22. It just feels like she's in a different show than everyone else. She even admitted to not watching or knowing Star Wars before auditioning. I think it shows

  23. She’s playing the bad cop shaking down locals in 1980s New York. Its an Interesting direction, for sure.

  24. It was born in a pool of gasoline on piece of rusty scrap metal

  25. Once he jumped through barbed wire into a vat of hot tar.

  26. Did you buy the wrong gas burner and get the one made for the Karu 12?

  27. Because the jalapeño bits will likely turn to mush as they get fermented by yeast if they weren’t already mushed by the kneading process and the bits that stick out at the edges of the dough will burn. Save your jalapenos for topping the pizza.

  28. Darn, I wanted like jalepeno stuffed crust.

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