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  1. Yay congrats I was buying them month to month when they redid them its a wonderful ending

  2. The one where she yells at lucy to make up with her cause its screwing with her head

  3. I think the only time i "use" the recommended yarn is when i like the yarn they're using in the pattern (1 in 50 usually) i get what you mean tho its dumb that they aren't conscious of peoples budgets i use acrylic for almost everything or blend cause thats what i can afford (not the scratchy stuff) theres no way i could afford most yarns that are used when i can barely afford the pattern

  4. Yep all of this my mother was a mix of lorelai and mrs. Kim in every way its potentially scared me off of ever having children due to this

  5. I hate celebrity beauty brands 8/10 times (the last two being Fenty and Rare), but I just know that would get me. And I never buy merch or anything. But damn, that would absolutely squeeze for every penny I own.

  6. I think she shpuld do a nail polish or lip line under rares brand since its selenas

  7. I like it but wish it had more variety. Tbh I'm a bit conflicted about the album. I do like the songs but when I hear them all together back to back it feels all the same and underwhelming. Don't know if I'm making sense. It feels like a more mature version of reputation but less dynamic. The thing is I usually love these kind of mellow chill songs from Taylor. Like Gold Rush is my favorite song from her last album. But I think why I liked those songs then was because they felt fresh in a group of songs that were a bit more dynamic and easier to tell apart. Midnights felt like an overload of something that was more enjoyable in moderation. It didn't really feel like a Taylor album. Not to say I want the "old Taylor" back or anything but this felt too much like something Lorde or Lana Del Rey would do. There's nothing wrong with that. Its just that it feels unoriginal somehow. The 3AM songs slap though. Those are probably my favorite tracks off this album.

  8. Makes sense considering its a concept album i think this is gonna come up a lot its more artsy then radio friendly and i like the other persons idea about breaking it up in a playlist

  9. I woke up this morning and couldn’t help be even more dumbfounded by a lot of the reviews. The album is a 95 right now on metacritic and obviously that could go down (not really sure how common it is for an album to drop that much, maybe someone can give some insight), but if it stays even at a 90 or above I will be incredibly confused. The album is definitely not my style but even when I try to look at it objectively, I don’t see anything about it that would place it at the level of Folklore, Evermore, or Red TV (or OG Red since I think retrospectively it would be viewed similar to TV) which were rated as 88, 85, and 91 respectively. Even other albums like 1989, Speak Now, and Fearless, two of which won AOTY, are highly regarded by fans and the general public, yet they’re rated in the 70’s. I just don’t see anything from Midnights that would place it on the same level as any of those albums. Obviously I could be totally wrong, but I don’t hear any songs that will be huge hits on either radio or streaming or will stand the test of time like songs on those other albums. Fearless, Speak Now, Red, and 1989 all have songs that are still played regularly on top 40 stations even 10+ years later and are still some of her top streamed songs. And while an album having a song being a popular hit doesn’t necessarily make an album good, it is very hard to claim that an album is critically acclaimed or a classic when none of the songs will have staying power or were smash hits even briefly. I’m just really confused, like I said the album isn’t my taste but I am trying to look at things objectively and I really wonder what exactly it is about this album that would place it on the same level as the ones I mentioned other than the fact that it’s an album by Taylor who is now seen much more favorably than she once was. This album is very much a mixture of Reputation and Lover in terms of both themes and sound and the only thing that was really changed was the length (which I will admit is an improvement from Lover which I thought was too long and full of filler), and yet this album could receive critical acclaim while the other two did not. It’s just an incredibly odd situation to me and I’m very curious to see how this album is viewed once the dust settles.

  10. Upon listening i was thinking anti-hero, you're on your own kid, and vigilante shit as singles with a few others being fan favorites (kinda similar to all too well)

  11. Deluxe Edition? Or maybe a new album? She's been in the studio doing something recently.

  12. Mgk brought pop punk back to main stream . You dont have to like him but put credit where credit is due

  13. that's hilarious maybe travis barker since he's stuck his toes in every pop punk revival thing there's been but mgk who switched genres cause of the beef with Eminem then tried to start shit with slipknot and still manages to come off as the how do you do fellow kids meme? no.

  14. could not be happier to be in this insane posse (cult?? WHAT ARE WE??!)

  15. Photo shop a bouquet in her hands or replace her with keanu Reeves

  16. Former Front End ASM here. Between the Front End ASM and AP ASM we had reports to look at. There is a discount report we review, certain actions get flagged. Cashier using their own discount on their register would flag in the report. Also scanning your discount two transactions in a row would also flag.

  17. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous. Just wanted to say that if you are located in the U.S. it may be difficult to find a "wedding seamstress" who works with red dresses. I also have a red wedding gown and in my city, all of the ones I contacted work exclusively work with white dresses. I ended up going to a regular (non-"wedding") tailor who did a fabulous job. Start your search for a good seamstress/tailor early!

  18. Never before have i wanted to go to a wedding so much before My sisters rsvps leaves a spot for how many guests the person is bring maybe do that or specifically for them

  19. My teenage son is actually watching along with me this time. I was kinda shocked he was into it.

  20. Ha my aunt asked her daught for a love spell (she's married) so she could find a boyfriend i told her to do a Harmony and communication in your marriage spell instead 😂

  21. Lorelai and luke already married maybe flashback to their wedding him being supportive during the funeral them having a son that's maybe 5-8 and the show catching up with characters lorelai helping michel start his own boutique hotel under the dragonfly name sookie opening a cooking school or working at one rory having a midlife crisis and having her consider surrogacy instead of lorelai her putting her personal life on hold for so long for her career that she now has limited options for having children and explores those with paris's help jess coming back and being a supportive friend lane owing kims antiques and or sophies music shop and running music classes and band managing thru either of those i think thats about it

  22. My thought is always the asian guy working at lukes is mr. Kim considering lanes allowed to work there and everything

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