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  1. I like the idea but I just don't find it fun

  2. I like the idea too but I just don’t see anyone wanting to play the demons.

  3. Me too I’ve had the I phone 7 for about 6 years now

  4. 18.50 for nyc is pretty low, Jersey pays more and the cost of living in nyc is way higher that doesn’t make any sense.

  5. NYC is definitely crazy expensive to live but Jersey really isn’t much better. I’m in south Jersey and you can’t get a studio apartment here less then 1200 a month

  6. Vader would woop Voldemorts ass so bad he’s come out of the fight with a nose.

  7. I was really good at these when I was a kid I had a secret method that was 100% fail proof. Those colors are little stickers! You can take them all off and rearrange them!

  8. I know it’s still vandalism but I’ve heard that it has names of soldiers who were with napoleons doomed Egypt campaign as well as soldiers who fought in world war 1 and 2. Don’t know where I heard this but I thought that was actually pretty cool

  9. So is this like recent vandalism or something from Napoleon era?

  10. Likely recent I’ve read another comment here saying this pyramid is in Sudan not Egypt

  11. It varies station to station some people on here say they don’t bother at my station that will cost you your job

  12. You have to do installs to right? Do you know if this pays better then a regular dsp and if you have any part time workers with your company?

  13. Yeah I agree. Tbh I'm kinda tired of just having East Coast/West Coast. Take us somewhere else, like Texas or Denver or St. Louis or Kansas City or New Orleans. There are a lot of places that could be the location for the next Fallout game that aren't on the east or west coasts. If they do decide to do another West Coast game, I would love them to do Seattle.

  14. I’d be ok with anywhere in the US but I want it to be in Philadelphia because I live in the area and it was the nations first capital and I think it would fit in with fallouts atmosphere really well.

  15. I had so much fun on the avp game on ps3, legendary game.

  16. Yea I loved that game. Playing as the predator made you feel unstoppable, playing as the alien made you feel like an assassin and playing as the human was essentially a horror game.

  17. Exactly. Why there are no modern multiplayer games like that nowadays baffles me. This was before the times I had all my friends on the same system, so I mostly played the game solo. I can’t imagine how much fun it’s be to play good ol species/mixed species TDM or the game mode where there’s like 18 marines and 1 alien and you try and infect all the marines. So much damn fun. And all the first person takedown… god I miss games from that era.

  18. They just don’t make ‘em like they used too. Really sad that technology got so much better but games became micro transaction nightmares

  19. I would love a system where if you try to ADAD too fast you can trip over.

  20. That’s definitely a cool idea and I don’t think it would even be that hard to implement unlike and entire overhaul to combat

  21. No it still had it, this has been a thing in the standalone since day one, the legacy gun play was awful.

  22. This is why I can’t play standalone anymore. Now that I’ve played other mil sim games dayz combat feels so unrealistic when the game is supossed to be a simulator. I really hope they overhaul the combat system to be more inline with games like arma or squad

  23. As a guy I would suggest just saying hey I really don’t wanna talk to anyone right now I’m just tryna do something here. However some guys are just assholes and will keep talking to you. At that point I would loose the polite formality you have with a random conversation with someone and say leave now I do not want to talk to you.

  24. My DSP pays us for 4th of July but we have to work the day before and day after to be eligible

  25. It’s so sad to realize the WW2 generation is gonna be gone soon. I remember when I was a kid we would have WW2 veterans come into school to talk to us in Veterans Day. I never had anyone in my family that served in that war. The only person remotely close enough was my grandmother but she was a child during the war. I remember talking to her for hours as a kid about what it was like being a little girl during that time. Currently I’m in college going to become a history teacher and I would have loved to be able to have my students be able to hear from a WW2 veteran. They were a different type of people and truly earned the name of the greatest generation. All veterans deserve recognition but WW2 was a type of war we hopefully will never have to see again because of the sacrifices these people made.

  26. Idk about you guys but jungle biomes have these trees everywhere

  27. I think everyone here can enjoy episode 2 for something. Personally it’s one of my favorite Star Wars movies brocade every single scene has a meme behind it.

  28. Unbreaking, incorruptible, unyielding…… the chair slayer.

  29. I’ve done that one time and never will do it again because the garage door wouldn’t close. Got stuck at that damn house for a half an hour calling driver support.

  30. Operation Anchorage, I loved how it deviated from the normal gameplay. And lowkey I loved glitching out all the good items. The Pitt was fun too.

  31. I really liked anchorage but I avoid it until the very end in my fallout 3 playthrough because that never breaking T51 power armor is crazy op

  32. Nuka World, mainly the setting but also partly the part that you get to be properly evil and I also liked the combat but that may be because I first went there at level 13

  33. I really like how you can become a raider lord of the commonwealth after too.

  34. That feature will be in 2k23 and the feature to fuck your wife will be in 2k24

  35. I mean yeah this guy's got it right. They only really care about it if your van rolls away, a situation in which they've already decided to fire you anyways, so just be smart and use common sense. Pull your e brake up on hills, turn your wheels, etc. Most vehicles will do just fine w this. The only thing that would concern me is being in a newer sprinter w the digital transmission. That's really the most common reason behind roll away events, well that and dumbasses that just leave it in drive w the e brake up 🙄

  36. This is definitely station dependent. We have people losing their jobs for not turning the vans off because the station is directly issuing tier 1 infractions. But we don’t actually work for Amazon right? Shits a joke.

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