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  1. Propaganda and lies, these assholes have a pretty nasty bite when they clamp down on your flesh

  2. you could put a cool pack on the back if you've got one around. nice looking fig, the cartoon head works well with the more realistic body.

  3. I'm going to try and build a RPG but with a carrot instead of the rocket. I was thinking about something like a backpack but i'd have to sculpt it because my salvage box doesn't really have good parts for a decent backpack at the moment

  4. You just gave me a great idea for a carrot shaped weapon! An RPC (Rocket Propelled Carrot) launcher would look pretty nice on it's back

  5. Seamless work, love the idea, great bunny head selection. Now I’m terrified 🤣

  6. Thank you! I really need to grab a few more of these heads before they're gone, it's a random pop-open lollipop holder i picked up a few weeks ago because i knew it'd get use some day. I just finished painting it up and now it kinda looks more like he's wearing Master Chief/Doomslayer armor. Something about this build feels very distopian yet i can't stop smiling when i see it.

  7. Man the garden was my favorite area in Dark Souls cuz of these goofy little dudes

  8. That's kinda my inspiration for this one, i just didn't bother to look up if they had mouths or not.

  9. I bought some random brand varnish in glossy and matte from the local dollar store which i use to seal my paint and it does a great job holding everything in place and is probably the safest bet. I have them as tubes but there's also rattle can varnish which would do the same. The downside of tube varnish is that it might loosen up Acrylic paint when you brush it on if it's not completely dry, while a spray would be a lot safer as there's no physical contact with the model.

  10. thank you so much for the reply! Does the varnish leave a gloss look because i’d like to avoid that. i’ve noticed with a lot of matte spray paints it comes out shiny and glossy.

  11. There's still a very very very slight gloss to the matte varnish I'm using, but it doesn't pop out like the glossy varnish does. I made a

  12. I really like it, though if you're looking for feedback i get the impression that the hand could use a little more bulk to it so it's more coherent with the bulky feet. Making the current buttflap plate into a shield structure that serves as a mount for the gun arm would be badass too

  13. Oregonian, arent they that lizard race from skyrim?

  14. Damn this is pretty cool. Never seen doll bashing before.

  15. Thanks! Full credit for the idea since i was heavily inspired by

  16. There's something about matchbox models that gives them a certain flair that hotwheels just don't have, but i can't put my finger on what it is. Really like this build though, well done!

  17. Damn, as someone who regularly makes Gaslands cars i love this build, and that paintjob is super slick. Well done!

  18. Thank you! The paneling on this one was kind of a pain in the butt. I’m really happy with the result, but I’m looking forward to building some proper gaslands rust buckets next!

  19. I can imagine the panels being a pain to cut in shape, but it definitely paid off! Did you use an exacto knife to cut them into shape or did you find these in the kits?

  20. Siiic, are you going to dye the hair?

  21. If I'm able to get the hair into the style i want i do really want to colour it. I've never customized any dolls like this before, so everything about this is a very interesting and fun learning experience, i cut off way too much hair so i'm just going to experiment on the throwaway strands to see what works, but since i bought the doll for a dollar and am using trash from my trash stash for the custom stuff I'm not too worried if i mess anything up.

  22. Damn that paint really tied the vision together, it was hard picturing what you were going for before i have to admit. but yeah it looks sweet now.

  23. I think that's the biggest challenge with trash bashing, as the sculptor you see the all the shapes coming together as you go but as a viewer it really needs a (sloppy) paint job or primer at the very least to be able to see what the sculptor sees in that pile of trash. Thank you for the kind words!

  24. Honestly me too, i know next to nothing about gun designs so i'm doing a bit of research on that. This armor magically turned out to be a near perfect fit for a 1/12 scale figure to theoretically fit inside of the suit so i might salvage some of their toy guns for parts.

  25. Wow that's cool, this style is the exact opposite of my rust buckets and i'm here for it. Super clean job, very inspiring!

  26. Sick, is that a lego armor part on the chest?

  27. It is! I think it's from the Lego Knights Kingdom line but i'm not sure. I bought a random bag of broken toys at the thrift store that had those in them.

  28. hmm good to know, i mean it makes sense, i just thought the kneading was a big part of the curing process.

  29. I had 2 fresh strips that touched together on their opposite sides by accident and i had to dig out a lot of chunks that formed over a few weeks and they wouldn't dissolve into the fresh mix anymore

  30. Once i snipped off those weird tusks and the lower jaw became more visible i was super happy to see that coming together. Lego pieces sometimes feel like cheating but there's no rules to this hobby haha

  31. If that thing is made of of plastic trash bravo, I don’t recognize a single piece.

  32. It pretty much is built entirely with trash parts and incomplete toy pieces i got from the thrift store. I can break most of it down to what it originally was though!

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