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  1. I’ve seen this “gaming was better back then” circlejerk so many times in so many different variations including gaming itself dying lol

  2. Be careful, claiming 343 is working on Infinite may spawn lots of bad jokes

  3. The Reddit comedians are gonna be coming out with another UI joke or something lmao. Top quality comments

  4. I was saying this a month ago and getting downvoted to oblivion. I'm glad to see that people are waking up to it, at least.

  5. I feel like every other post is a comparison or a tier list of fanbases lol

  6. Oda just foreshadowed something in volume 95-96 back in volume 25.

  7. I was watching the Arlong arc and he brings up Jimbe in like Episode 40ish & Jimbe doesn’t actually show up till Episode 430 lol

  8. I just noticed Leorio is spelt Reorio in Japanese

  9. I think its a funny panel but I'm pretty sure it's Canon that Alfred is a complete badass in his own right and wouldn't ever react like that at the end of the panel.

  10. It is canon lol, he's beaten up loads of people.

  11. As absolutely true as everything you're saying is, Alfred in this context is definitely thanking god and running off in fear of this Gotham guy because he's basically a rabid Superman. It's not the best characterization (Tom King, go figure), but it's obviously intended to be played off for laughs. Takes absolute balls for Alfred to do either way.

  12. I see this take often, but I disagree with it strongly. I think gaming is still special. I just played through God of War recently and I still love gaming like I did playing Halo 3 on the 360.

  13. This is beyond necrophilia holy shit, this is more like comedy robocop or something

  14. The bottom one changes the joke and isn’t unnecessary, it’s sort of funny too. Doesn’t belong here I don’t think

  15. Poison Swamp was interesting in the first Souls game since you had to work around it or find appropriate equipment and plow right through, it had multiple approaches. After that it felt tedious when it pops up again.

  16. imo the trunks only really work in comics and animated series. It would look incredibly out of place in modern film. Henry Cavill's suit in live action was good design but it just lacked colour in the final film.

  17. Yeah, they did a good job on it I thought. Tyler also played a solid Superman in the show too. I was expecting more CW hero series awfulness to be snuck in but it was surprisingly minimal lol

  18. Don't think it's canon anymore, but it also kind of happened here

  19. I don’t understand the comments complaining about a character being a part of a legacy.

  20. In all fairness, JoJo powers at the top level also are just straight up cheating too. Some of them are actually ridiculous and I have no idea what Araki was thinking when he made them, I especially have idea what the author of the Jorge Joestar Novel was thinking(this dude did some batshit insane stuff in the novel) when he wrote the novel.

  21. Imma say it, how the fuck can you be creative on getting health?

  22. The art style of the COD games might be bland(usual washed out greys and browns for a military setting, comes off as very generic looking) but they undeniably are gorgeous games with the insane graphical fidelity they have.

  23. You have exactly -36 on your comment lol

  24. This could not possibly be King. Tim would be quivering in fear in the mere presence of the King Engine.

  25. The Boys has characters discussing PTSD, also it’s in Neon Genesis Evangelion(for every single character in the show in fact lol) too.

  26. I can assume the Stranger Things kids have taken offscreen therapy, it's several months betweem each seasons, after all. Thats also assuming therapy was huge in the 80s as it is today.

  27. I think it's fine too, I should probably rephrase it as a nitpick since that's what it really is. The show is so damn good(especially Season 4 Vol 1 they absolutely smashed it), and it's not about portraying realistic situations and reactions to these things.

  28. My honest opinion (bosses from the post)

  29. I was making a list of the bosses from the post. Otherwise orphan would be there

  30. Ohhh I see, my bad lol. Thought it was a list of what you found hardest in general

  31. What really? I always thought they just change clothes? Are they that strong? Goku was recasting planets.

  32. Goku has gone way beyond just planets now lol

  33. If you think that's some power creep, wait till you hear about someone just casually destroying universes with a wave of a hand later in Dragonball Super lol

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