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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss! I lost my mother to cancer five years ago and I still find myself emotionally affected constantly. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  2. Im all for getting the one who spat kicked off but these old twats had no right to start manhandling the 13 year old kids whose only "crime" was being friends with the Idiot who spat on him. They do not work for the transit authority therefore have no right to decide who rides or not, let alone put their hands on these little kids. As a parent I'd be pissed at my kid if they were the one who spat or caused trouble but if these dip sticks laid a hand on my daughter when all she did was sit next to her friends who happen to suck I'd be pissed at the old twats.

  3. After seeing how they were all reacting, I’m absolutely certain they weren’t just sitting there while the one who spit was removed. They had a twat herd mentality and all needed to be removed. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Thank god they did get the boot too. Kids need to shown they can’t get away with everything.

  4. Well my immediate assumption is that there was an attempt to thumb wrestle a candy cane. And by attempt, I mean a beating only a penis would understand.

  5. The issue here, in my opinion, is that people interpret their religion to suit their needs and then enforce it upon others through various means; manipulation, voicing it, demands, acts, etc.

  6. But isn’t someone forcing him to refer to them a certain way the same thing? I’m generally curious.

  7. True and that depends on the motive/reason behind it. If it’s to treat that person with dignity/respect as they would kindly appreciate it, then ‘no’, otherwise ‘yes’ (I.e. if the said person were to lose their own dignity in the process).

  8. Push her in and set the dryer to wrinkle free. That nighty could use another 15 minutes or so.

  9. If you haven’t thrown a Discraft Banger GT yet… I highly recommend it. I have the soft version and it’s super smooth and tacky so it hits and sits really well. It’s the straightest approach disc I’ve ever thrown.

  10. Jumped from and 80 ft. bridge with my cousin once. Not sure how high this is but those days are far behind me.

  11. Not sure the exact point but it can feel like concrete from much shorter distances if you don’t land right. My cousin and I jumped with shoes on and I still felt a good amount of the impact when I hit the water.

  12. I know this is likely a joke, but it would be really great for that boy to witness his mom getting her ass whooped. It’s likely the only way he’ll learn that’s not the way to handle your problems.

  13. I can’t help but think this attempt to designate an entire human to a piece of five and a half thousand year piece of chewing gum is now the new “high bar” to the arrogance of modern science.

  14. Sorry, it’s a quote from the movie Snatch. If you haven’t seen the film, it’s a scene involving the purchase of a trailer. Every time I see one of these vintage trailers, I can’t help but say the line.

  15. Most people who hit water from a sufficient height to break things get knocked the fuck out and never surface. You're unlikely to be conscious from an impact with water or concrete from significant enough height to get injured.

  16. Jumped off a cliff into a quarry with my girlfriend once from about 50 feet. She had never done it before but knew that I enjoyed bridge jumping so she wanted to do it with me. She knocked her self out when she hit the water and I had to dive down about 15 feet and grab her. It is literally the worst memory I have.

  17. He’s bragging about how people bragging are broke… interesting.

  18. Eff that guy in particular. I’m a male and play solo often. There’s a group of us that play about twice a week but I honestly enjoy throwing alone just as much, if not more, than with a group. It’s truly saddening that you had to experience that type of behavior. One of the things I love most about disc golf is the community and general kindness most players exhibit. I’m sorry that happened to you. I hope you’re able to find a way to put that asshat in your rear view and get back out there doing what makes you happy.

  19. I’ve thought of this for so long but I don’t have the skill set to accomplish it myself. It looks amazing!!!

  20. So don’t shoot him and let him go potentially use his gun on someone else? You hear yourself right?

  21. With the risk of spinal injury, not touching him was the safest thing they could do.

  22. Oh I entirely agree. I’m referring to the complete silence that falls over the crowd. I know some people are likely in shock. Maybe it’s just me but I know I’d be screaming for paramedics, calling 911 immediately, and rushing over to see if he’s breathing and to make sure he doesn’t try and stand up or move too much. It was just kind of eerie that literally everyone seems to freeze and stare.

  23. My son’s mom tried to pull this with me for years!!! It was such a burden on my relationship with my son. I finally hired a lawyer and now she has zero control over so many things that used to affect my growth with my son. I hope this man is able to get the professional help he needs to secure his “good dad” title.

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