1. I'm just glad the rest of Europe (and the world) gets to see what Greece has been dealing with all these years.

  2. I'm so glad the rest of Europe gets to see what Turkish people has been dealing with all these years,Afterall Europe supported these radical İslamists starting from 2004 till 2017 and still nowadays Outer Turks who lives in Europe appoximetly 4-5 million of them are vastly voting for Erdogan.

  3. If you did not save for a guarantee. You cannot blame it on RNG. As in FGO, "Rate ups are lies." Always bet on 100% success as much as possible.

  4. he surely can blame,that guarantee you speak of is literally equalivent to 30k+ primo, that months of saving for one character,

  5. Forget about male dps ,game doesn't enough variety of male characters.

  6. It is not up to us to decide if players needs a content or not when they are asking for it desperately,You can't cut it out and say ;

  7. Entire character progression revolves around making your character stronger(constellations,talent & weapon upgrades,ascensions) for combat and when you reach the peak of that progression,you realize all you have done is nothing but an overkill you could've just beat the combat related content with avarage artifacts,

  8. 140% inflation terrible for locals, excellent for tourists

  9. Absolulety wrong,Since the last September Turkish Lira devalued 10 points against USD which is equalivent to around 120 percent,on the other hand prices went up around 300 percent per unit, So tourist's current money valued 120 percent but the amount of spendings they do is increased atleast 300 percent which they pay atleast 200 percent more than previous year.

  10. Using ferry, metro, bus $0.40 , 2.5 liter coke $0.90, doner kebab $2, most expensive hair transplant about $500-600 so no, its not about only end of pandemic, Turkey still dirt-cheap for tourists.

  11. I haven't said it wasnt cheap,it surely is,but current inflation in Turkey is totaly not related to tourist boom,Turkey had always these prices since the devaluation started back in 2017.

  12. anemo support, zhongli, another dendro, hydro, or electro

  13. Wdym hydro or electro? ,it has be electro no matter what If he wants hyperbloom.

  14. OP already has an electro teammate (Kuki), he's just asking whom to take for the 4th spot.

  15. last time it was with Venti,since they released Venti Ayarı might have a chance to get banner at patch 3.3 but people from reddit suprisingly expect to see Yoimiya even tho she got rerun recently..

  16. I may be a bit late into this, but why is it a big thing for karkata (mechanical) to communicate compared to katheryne

  17. I believe Katheryne is more similiar to Puppet Shogun which its constructed by pure elemental power and its fixated on a single purpose to persue the Eternity,It couldn't think or do anything otherwise.Katheryn is also the same in that regard which she only deals with commissions and has no other motives ( as far as we know )

  18. I'm gonna be honest i expected them to give at least 100 pulls to make community extremely happy to make them forget about last anni,but old habits die hard i guess,

  19. it always makes me laugh how easily journalists can make drama out of anything and how straight away everyone has the intended reaction to it

  20. aside from all drama why any other presidents are not allowed except these guys ?

  21. we know the exact number already. we knew before 3.0 even came out. 6 -> 30, 7 -> 32, 8 -> 35, 9 -> 38, 10 -> 40, so 175 for 6-10, we have 15 left after reaching level 5, so there's 161 dendroculus to come (because 1 extra). we knew the rewards too.

  22. Yeah I forgot to count 15 requirement to reach level 6 combained with all dendroculus those are available.

  23. I forgot the requirement that is asked for level 6 even tho you obtained every oculi those are available and 1 extra :(

  24. They blame Mihoyo for everything, when half or most of the blame should be on the playerbase

  25. Previous anniversary rewards was solely on Mihoyo,lets just not justify their act over bunch teens who are trying to leech off someone views via clickbait.

  26. Do you think that Ataturk had a big military career ( as in, was he a military general leading actual units into war)? Or was he more political?

  27. Maybe we should start sanctioning also turkey.

  28. Not a good idea with that much investment+recent gas problem led Europe to buy gas from Azerbaijan through Turkey,it would be like shutting your feet.

  29. You probably have to pick up aledar potion and gave it to him.

  30. Yeah i figured after I've watched a video about that part turns out there is a visual bug where potion does not appear that you have to reset the last part till it becomes visible,i was clueless since fandom doesn't say anything about potion nor quest updates according to it..

  31. Im having the same problem, he stops his dialogue after the line about him breaking his arm

  32. It seems there is specific potion that can cure him at the road where you can pick up by clicking but after i reseted for 4 times potion did not appear, on fifth try potion was there so you also should reset till potion become visible

  33. No opposition suggested to cut the food sumply to Greek Islands ( Yes Greek Isles especially those are close to Turkey are directly getting their supplies from Istanbul and Izmir ) so Greece will be force to get supply from mainland of Greece which it will cost 5 times more than it actually is.

  34. Three people drowned after being thrown into the sea in handcuffs by Greek Coast Guard

  35. You should read the whole article then,it says Not only Turkish Coast Guard but also according to victims

  36. Video shows so called survivors or rather witnesses of those event,can't say if its true or not,Turkish subtitles makes it even more inconvenient,probably it is recorded by some external Turkish source which i do not know.

  37. Not surprising. Find any post on liberal

  38. Amount of muslim refugess they have is more than the entire population of Bulgaria, if you put that much Arabic people in any country in Europe they will surely raise another Hitler-like leader to wipe them via genocide.

  39. Depends on what you consider as good,but still considering you spend 3k that's quiet unlucky...better open that wallet

  40. This is gonna sound crazy to your simplistic-ass black and white existence but a country can do both wrong and right things. Ofc Armenia supports Russia they helped them defend vs the Azeri & Turkic aggression. Or take us (Greece( for example, we're considered the good guys in general, guess whose side we took in your lil spats with Serbia. ruh-roh. Are we good or are we the devil incarnate?

  41. Azeri Turkic aggression you say ? I'm sorry correct me If i'm wrong but wasn't it Armenia, which adopted a policy of occupying Azerbaijani lands and even changing the names of the cities they've taken by force ?

  42. Turkey ? Nah Smyrna's name changed 700 hundred years ago as same goes for Constantinople which it was almost 600 years ago,how do you take Turkey accountable for the Empire's actions who is literally banished by Turkey itself.

  43. Turkey is economic wise nothing. Truly nothing. You earn about 400 and 1000 euro a month? But your groceries are equally expensive as in the North west Europe? Before the EU bleeds out Turkey has gone bankrupt.

  44. Turkey has still better Economy than those who joined recently despite having 73 percent inflation,

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