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  1. It's always interesting how obvious this all seems when written down from the outside and how muddy these situations get when you're actually living through them.

  2. When you live immersed in crazy, having neutral 3rd parties validate that your feelings are warranted is so helpful.

  3. I'm immunocompromised. I really wish I had this luxury. I don't. I've been teaching in-person, but I want my students in masks and don't understand why asking people to wear a mask for the few hours a week that they are around someone who could literally die if they catch this does not constitute a reasonable accommodation.

  4. Who said anything about banning masks?! If you need people masked up, you should have every right to have them masked up. And, if your physician believes your conditions require you to stay home, then that accommodation is (assuming you’re in the US) absolutely reasonable under the ADA.

  5. Because the rhetoric of "let COVID go" contributes to forgoing mitigation altogether. The reality for the 7 million immunocompromised people living in the US (and millions of others elsewhere, and those with other conditions that make them high risk) is that we don't get to let COVID go because our lives are at stake. And when other people choose to "let COVID go," what they mean is dropping the safety protocols that allow us to do things like work (which provides us with insurance we desperately need) and leave our houses safely.

  6. I instigated the process that got a student kicked out of their major (my discipline) under similar circumstances. It sucked and I felt so guilty at first, but the plagiarism was repeated and egregious. I met with the student multiple times and explicitly taught them information literacy. Did not matter. The plagiarism continued. Ultimately, a committee made the call. It came down to considering the ethical standards of our discipline. The student switched majors, but stayed in the institution. No idea whether they graduated.

  7. R1 in a mid-sized city. Around 1270 and it's still impossible to get a pass. We get free bus passes, so most people use public transportation.

  8. I would also like to add that one of the DuPont chemical heirs raped his own 3-year-old daughter, but

  9. And let's not forget Brock the rapist Turner. Can't have punishment for rape interfering with the lives of promising young men, apparently.

  10. Remember when brock the rapist’s dad was so upset that his son couldn’t event eat steak joyously anymore? All because of what? A few minutes of action (the action was raping an unconscious person behind a dumpster)

  11. I love that children were indistinguishable from middle-aged women in terms of aesthetics.

  12. Honestly he's probably still super salty that Jon got his show on CNN cancelled 15 years ago and made fun of his bowtie. On a side note, Jon is aging about as normally as person would expect. He's got the same lines and wrinkles as my dad who is about the same age and he still looks pretty healthy. The insecure one is Tucker who needs to keep dying his hair and getting Botox while in his 50s.

  13. I'm not justifying anything, but I was talking about stuff like this with my mother in law and 30 years ago this was not problematic.

  14. I feel like cheating on your wife with a teenage babysitter was pretty problematic 30 years ago.

  15. Hey! Somebody's got to stand around doing nothing during school shootings and protect rich people's stuff.

  16. Whether or not a faculty member can increase the course capacity depends on the room capacity. There are fire codes, etc. So if a faculty member doesn't increase the cap to get people in, it's usually because they can't.

  17. I would suggest Point Brugge. They have fancier options, but they also have burgers, amazing fries, and chicken sandwiches.

  18. Yeah my aunt also did this - she also had a button she hit and boom a guard would remove a person instantly. When she taught in a city public school a student could be throwing shit and no one would come help.

  19. I'm a former high school teacher (now a prof). All of my friends in K-12 are leaving, but the example that sticks out is the friend who weighs 115 lbs and had a student literally twice her weight throw a desk at her. She got very little support from administration and left within 3 months for a sales job with a 40% higher base salary + commission.

  20. Prerequisites vary by program. There's an Admissions tab on the School of Education's home page that lists this info. You can also email them at

  21. I use a Zero water filter. Fyi: someone who said they worked in healthcare was on this sub recently and commented that we have an unusually high prevalence of bladder cancer in Pittsburgh because of poor water quality.

  22. From any media I accidentally consumed on the defamation case, I think she and Johnny Depp were awful to each other and that she has become an excuse for a lot of misogynists to discredit women.

  23. just because more white people get through legacy doesn’t make it racist

  24. You don't think the fact that black people were denied access to integrated higher education for over 100 years and could not accumulate wealth means that legacy admissions favor wealthy white people?

  25. Except that the same people who want to abolish race-based admissions also want to abolish legacy admissions, according to your article.

  26. *Some of the same. It certainly is not publicized as a discriminatory practice as much as race conscious admissions. And most people have no idea how prevalent it is or that it has been going on longer than affirmative action, including outside of elite institutions.

  27. He straight up said on his podcast that he's using bankruptcy to drag this out even further. He is an evil son of a bitch and I hope he dies destitute and universally loathed.

  28. Often I think people feel obliged to give details so that the boss doesn't think you are making shit up

  29. Yeah, but if your boss is the type of person who thinks you're lying about being sick, telling them that you want to talk a mental health day is a worse strategy than giving them no details at all.

  30. Right? Also, there's correctly, then there's teaching effectively. I definitely know people teaching with a Master's at a community college who are better teachers and more knowledgeable at their subject matter than some tenured Ph.Ds at my R1.

  31. My students get three 2-day grace periods. Grace periods are applied automatically to late work and are tracked through the LMS. Once they're done, they receive a 10% per day late penalty. Our Student Affairs Office triages excused absences, so there are no exceptions unless the absence is excused.

  32. I love the fact Americans say “just get a good job with medical insurance” then you just get sacked the minute you use it.

  33. Or they use the fact that they know you're chained to the insurance to underpay. I have a serious chronic illness. I could make a lot more money if I left education for industry. I can't leave education because the health insurance is so much better. My medication alone (not appointments) is well into 5 digits annually. I won't be able to leave this field unless the US passes Universal Healthcare.

  34. Do not underestimate the planning that went into disempowering your unions. This shit would never happen in my union respecting country.

  35. We're attempting to unionize now. Our institution spend years and 3 million dollars on union busting, yet they claim we don't need unions.

  36. Imagine spending a year of your life and thousands of dollars to destroy your child. What a deeply evil person.

  37. i have a hard time participating in things that don’t make sense or contributing to idiotic and counter productive systems so i don’t feel as though i should have to & i don’t. it’s not my fault or job to pay these people a fair wage.. & that’s not to say that i don’t respect servers .. i do and i feel for them, however it’s not my responsibility to fix that & comply with a system that doesn’t work for anybody but corporations or higher ups.

  38. So you feel fine about paying the restaurant owner exploiting the workers, but not the exploited worker? Making the rich richer. What a brave stance.

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