1. When were they not given an opportunity to learn? They are given that opportunity, now whether they conform and take that opportunity is up to them.

  2. The kids are coming to the school with problems. Is that the kid's fault? Are they supposed to solve those problems on their own or be abandoned by the system?

  3. JCPS is doing just about everything but wiping the kids ass for them (the probably are in elementary school).

  4. I agree they can do better at not impacting other students. But we live in a society. I think we want to educate these kids in order improve American society as a whole, and do it without institutionalizing the whole set of kids whose parents can't or won't support them.

  5. Not sure.. best way is probably to find a friend with a manual transmission car and have them teach you.

  6. Rubbies. I have never had such a baffling, god-awful service experience in my entire life. Food was terrible too.

  7. I thought the service and food were great when I went. We sat on the bar side though.

  8. I didn’t have any thoughts on the name but I did think it would be here by now.

  9. Don't worry about it. As long as you weren't playing around, you are fine. Part of why I wanted my kid to play chess was to learn to be a better loser. The sooner they learn, the better.

  10. What is a "knock out" sprint? We run sprint courses here in Louisville KY weekly, but mostly in public parks rather than urban areas.

  11. I own a pair of Speedcross 4 and I’m very much satisfied with the grip. Definitely increased my interest to the sport.

  12. Yeah, love Speedcross for orienteering. They aren't going to help on slippery rock or ice, but otherwise they are pretty great.

  13. My club (in Chicago) uses UsynligO to have several standing o-courses. I've tried them and they're a lot of fun. No real substitute for a proper meet but very workable during Covid when it was hard to gather as a group.

  14. We use it in Louisville as well. We started with it during covid, and have continued putting all our events up on UsynligO for members/season pass holders to use in case they miss a meet or want to rerun it, etc.

  15. Not close to downtown but check out Rubbies if you want some good food. It has a split restaurant and bar that serve the same food, the bar is a dive for sure.

  16. Perhaps you should join the Dojo chess training academy or "Killer Chess Training". I've not experienced either but I suspect you just need some guidance. Better than hiring some random coach IMO who is just as likely to be good or bad at dispensing advice. At least with those training programs it's multiple teachers working together to figure out the best training approach for people your level.

  17. Does experience help? Maybe if it happens to you enough, you will just get used to it?

  18. Mine aren't quite crumbling yet, but I want to get ahead of it. I was wondering where to find someone to do some patch work also.

  19. I lived in Houston for a few years. I've so not had a good kolache. Boss would get them at for all at work. It was always some cheap(ish) type of hotdog in a Mexican sweetbread(ish) type of bread. Sometimes had a slice of cheap American cheese in it. Got them from maybe another place and it seemed the same. Could be I just had crappy ones. Am I missing out on something?

  20. Nice, I used to get beignets at a place in Atlanta when I lived there and they were a great treat. I'll have to stop by North Lime next time I'm in Old Louisville and get some.

  21. I was looking to this event but after Alejandro Ramirez allegations I'm so much shocked at SLCC and USCF that I'm not sure if I want to follow the live broadcast. Not the players' fault so I think I'll watch some recaps afterwards though... At least I appreciate how Naka and Fabi openly showed sympathy for the victims, disgust for AR and both organizations despite being prominent figures in American chess.

  22. Yeah, has anything changed since a few months ago when they were happily allowing Ramirez to be part of their organization and broadcasts? Are the same people still in charge of responding to reports of abuse and inappropriate behavior? Is anyone going to take responsibility?

  23. Maybe the new Publix will be open 24 hours. It will already have the advantage of not being Kroger. Being open all night would just be the icing on the cake.

  24. I've never seen a 24 hr Publix, so I think that would be a big surprise.

  25. I really like your wording there, thank you. It's always my first time meeting the parents as well so it's tough to tell how direct I can be with them.

  26. Yeah, I think you want to try to bring it up right at the start that way you can frame it as a "general procedure" type thing instead of it being clear that you are responding to them specifically. You can remind them during or after the lesson (if it isn't super disruptive) or whatever, but that will be easier if you mentioned it earlier.

  27. I forget: Is lichess open source? Is there another open source chess website?

  28. Yeah, if I was FIDE or the Olympics I would probably want my own locally hosted version of Lichess.

  29. Not being included may actually be a benefit... Otherwise you are associated with this weird-ass event.

  30. Yeah.. I was sorta wishing this video game version of Orienteering called "Catching Features" would have been part of it, but that may not be the best company to be in.

  31. This shit is so sickening. Why don't they audit the fucking LMPD if they want to stick their nose in something?

  32. Interesting that there are two more superfund sites in the same general area south of Jefferson Memorial Forest. Smith's Farm landfill, and Tri-City Disposal Co.

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