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  1. im super excited for this fortnite and sf crossover, tbh

  2. you can tell theres still alot of eating itself to do, too many big leafs, no yellowing etc.

  3. If it was early 90's weed that would be what you got out of a quarter bag. Break out the album cover

  4. i was thinking the same, some of that old flat -ran by in a tire- shit

  5. Jfc I bet you’re an anti-vaxxer too?

  6. imagine being a edgy teen using buzzwords like anti vaxxer, lmfao

  7. I'm not the one making a stupid ass post complaining about it. It's a simple quality of life change.

  8. you cant essentially dispute charges for hemp, it actually doesnt work.

  9. is this a joke , has to be, dudes out here yielding a quarter oz from 3 plants, LMFAO

  10. it looks like something went down i cant explain it did he deflolated to much? i cant tell the stems look clean.. looks like a small yield to me

  11. its definitely a small yield, hes trying to patch up the thread but, lmao , that shits like a quarter oz yield between all of them

  12. starting to think pauls part of mephisto, its weird mephistos site goes down and just randomly this seedbank has infinite stock..

  13. Nah, mephesto knew they had to fix their site, and they stocked up a lot of seed banks with the same strains. Paul is just the first company with a "human face" so to say, and is expierencing quick word of mouth growth at this time because of it. He's just a good dude trying his best to do a good job for the rest of us.

  14. but then wheres the infinite stock of mephisto coming from? its funny every time mephisto has site issues, a new seed bank pops up with unlimited 3 packs.

  15. also, this is how bad their autos yield, this dude got 3 plants and less than a quarter oz inbound,

  16. value buyer, love to see it, cant wait to see how a homegrown gorilla z turns out!

  17. at least another month, it still has a lot of eating itself to do. it doesnt matter what the company says, go plant by plant.

  18. i like the cloak but despise UM coloring,( would of used a different color on either the camo or the unit) great work on the cloaks though!

  19. man i swear when the double grape bean drop was shown its all purpley , and now all we see is some random green pheno...

  20. i swear this is a repost... Ive seen this like 3 x

  21. flow gardens sells you whatever they want and have zero customer service/ ethics. never buy here. you wont be helped when your order is clearly wrong.

  22. does it smell like grape at all? Because a lot of ppl are saying it doesnt smell like grape or taste like it and isnt coming out purple. seems fishy

  23. my thing is how do people let this keep going, wouldnt you pull it after 2 weeks it hasnt grown at all? Lol

  24. I still have some samples sitting around. Definitely looks different:

  25. that 100% is nothing near what i received, also doesnt change the fact that whats advertised is far from what they are sending, fake. Also, they still have not commented what so ever, leads me to believe they care nothing about their consumers.

  26. Because wow released in stages telling a story. The only real story change or stages diablo 2 could do would be classic, then 6 months later release LOD. Not really a big point in doing that.

  27. i mean, items were changed, sure you could argue story progression, but look how wows story progression ended up lol.. so was that the right play? leveraging yourself on a IP to the tits, then losing all your senior staff, then having a mass exodus from one bald man?

  28. Yeah I mean the greater point stands right? The number of people who miss 1.09 (hi, that's me) pale in comparison to the absolute droves of players that wanted WoW classic. From a demand perspective that could justify it on its own.

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