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  1. Spurs about to pull off the most honorable tank the league has ever seen

  2. It's a rare occurrence for drafted players not to go back to junior hockey college, or Europe.

  3. Jacques Demers, Ron Wilson, and Paul Maurice are the only people in NHL history to coach over 1000 games in the regular season and have a winning percentage under 50%

  4. I forgot that Ralph Wilson's official cause of death was roof repairs.

  5. So who gets moved? Brossoit for sure.

  6. Shea Theodore is the only core member without an NMC or NTC.

  7. I know it's just a vocal minority and they're more noticeable because the Stanley Cup Finals are on right now but man do some hockey fans give off the vibe of having a MASSIVE inferiority complex

  8. NHL fans can be rabid and I think a large portion of that behavior stems from the fact that the NHL is absolutely the weakest of the big 4 North American leagues from a marketing standpoint. They have no idea how to market their stars or the game, and they have a giant issue with player safety and discipline.

  9. Fischer really committed a war crime for suggesting the Spurs are fielding offers for Murray. Now every fanbase is gonna suggest and just talk about him being available and how to get him. Even know most likely the Spurs don't want to trade him and are just doing due diligence

  10. He did the same with SGA. Now we got Pistons fans in message boards suggesting SGA and 12 for Grant and 5

  11. Worded a bit weird but the Steelers signed Ogunjobi who shoved Rudolph to the ground after Myles Garrett hit him with his helmet

  12. The Devils are going to get confused, think it's a fantasy draft, and take Jack Hughes

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