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  1. Which old QB are we getting next year? It's bound to work eventually

  2. The Colts kept this close for a bit, but then the Cowboys remembered they’re the Cowboys.

  3. Might be unpopular but I think 49ers are boing to watch.

  4. I gotta say, this sub’s tirade about Theory’s burial is looking more and more embarrassing after tonight

  5. Going from potential world champion to us champion is still a downgrade. It also doesn’t excuse just how stupid the whole scenario was.

  6. Roman was not gonna lose the belts on a cash-in, no matter who it was.

  7. I don’t know if you heard, but Like a Dragon iishin comes out in a few months

  8. Shotzi can go, she worked a gauntlet match in NXT before ever being called up to Smackdown and went the distance with minimal mistakes with timing or botches.

  9. Man I felt bad for Shotzi, she dedicated that match to her dad and they were booed the whole time and got we want Sasha chants.

  10. Shotzi vs Shayna would have been a better match.

  11. I mean, compared to tonight? Absolutely, but if someone like Charlotte or Rhea was holding the Smackdown women’s championship. The match would have been a lot better They would have built up Shotzi a lot better as a challenger and made people care. No one cared in this match, thus the boos

  12. Ya know what? I'm not gonna save this take for ZFF. I'm gonna say it now and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

  13. I love the way they did it too. Instead of pinning either Rollins or Bobby after A-Town down, he just falls into the cover.

  14. Man, I forgot she's only 18. Isn't she actually going to college while she's training to wrestle?

  15. SOMEONE WILL AGAIN SAY SOMETHING STUPID IN A PRESS CONFERENCE AND THIS SUB WILL FOLLOW HIS DOWNFALL. For real though, so many Zach Wilson posts in this sub, it’s like he insulted everyone’s mothers.

  16. Fields is barely throwing the ball. He's averaged 147 passing yards and 14 completions a game since Claypool got there.

  17. In all seriousness, Josh McDaniels needs to be fired. Would you guys have gone to a super bowl under Rich Bisaccia? Probably not, but you would be at least be playing better than this.

  18. Fuck those bastards. I was in Croatia a few months ago visiting family and I could not get away from those little shits. Probably got bit something like 30 times while I was there.

  19. I was looking at the Eagles schedule and I don’t see how they lose. The next tough matchup they have is the rematch against the Cowboys on Christmas Eve. Mayyybe I could see them having an issue with the Titans, but other than that that’s it.

  20. And the packers are still tied with the bears

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