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  1. What update are you talking about? Haven't played in a while.

  2. Maybe in 20-30 years….it’s all political!

  3. I dont understand why people on here would talk negative on this site, sounds like to me, there just hoping for a moon shot and just in it for a fast buck, but you know what ? Most on this site dont cry about thirty years, or 3 hundred years, So why does anyone bother to B on this site when there Not Positive ? Iv been stacking for over fifty yrs, And couldn't care less about a moon shot, and im Definitely not in it for a fast buck, Anyone can say what they want, its perfectly legit what all say here on this site if thats its your personal opinion. So when someone dont agree with you, dont get bent out of shape, The majority is very positive on this site.....So Thanks for your comment and We the people will continue to stack, he who wants to, and if not, just dont..!

  4. I stack too. I’m just being realistic. I’m sorry.

  5. Men, do women send tons of unsolicited vag pics once you announce you’re single?

  6. Vag pics aren’t what the picture is referring to. It’s saying how when a guy goes single, women present themselves more. Normal. The meat is referring to “roast beef” which is a term for a vagina when it looks like that. Not saying that I agree, just explaining.

  7. Because it’s old and the wife wants to get him new ones….

  8. I mean….guys actually do this. Not all of us. I don’t lmao. But I can see how this can be true. Oh well. That’s life.

  9. Yeah….and it’s crazy how SafeMoon is STILL a thing! Wonder how the lawsuits are going.

  10. OP got the facts wrong and is spreading misinformation lol

  11. Right? I’m all for both sides of SafeMoon but OP clearly does not know what he posted 💀. What monthly fee features are there?

  12. Wait, when did he mention it would be a monthly fee? Did I miss anything? Oh lord.

  13. I tried to get into the NFT craze a few times. I did everything I could to make sure and follow all of the security rules. Yet, someone still broke into my OpenSea account, and stole the only two NFT's I had out of 4 that were actually starting to make several hundred in profit. I also bought into some of the MLB ones. I figured MLB is legit and people are going to want to get some of these players. For 3 months, I was up by $10k in profit. But, then it crashed in 2 days and now I'm losing money. So screw NFT's. I do think crypto will make a comeback though.

  14. Lmao, sounds like you just made a bad decision to hold...why are you blaming NFT's for losing money when you were in profit at some point. You did that to yourself buddy.

  15. I did it to myself? How was I supposed to know they would crash? All signs showed they were going to go through the roof. Besides, I do have a feeling they will bounce back. At least the MLB ones I have. Since I got the day 1 release players, I think I should eventually be able to get out of the red. Fingers crossed.

  16. We don't want worthless videos of them saying nonsense.......release actual products, goddamn.

  17. This made me laugh, thank you. You’re right tho smh.

  18. hahahaha keep ignoring the facts and call everyone salty if it makes you feel better - daily volume confirms safemoon is dead ... it's only a matter of time before karony has taken all your LP ... I see you still don't acknowledge the patent nanospray and all the other promised BS - keep believing hahaha and keep up the BS posts we all love a good laugh

  19. Yeah, it’s a matter of time for him to take my small bag…oh well. If it’s a scam, it won’t change my life….if it turns out legit, then i’ll be rich. It’s a low risk if you ask me. That’s why I’m not salty enough like people who sell and remain on the sub to complain about the “tech company” that stole their money xD. Like I said, idc if it’s a scam due to my bag size so im chillin.

  20. a small bag but will be rich? yeah right - you aren't fooling anyone dude, we see right thru you

  21. They’re just scared that they made the wrong decision. I just keep laughing.

  22. OMG WE HAVE ANOTHER SCREENSHOT….omg my life is much calmer now. Thank you SafeMoon team for delivering what we all want, lovely screenshots.

  23. Well yeah, I know. But after all, Biden is president and sadly, Trump is not.

  24. Yes, post the graph but not the context and legend. Wonderful.

  25. Um, they have not released concrete products that we GENUINELY want besides the wallet and V2, which were MONTHS ago. You think we bought SafeMoon for merchandise, podcasts, and youtube videos? HEEEELLLLLL no lmao. It is 100% okay to worry about SafeMoon not going through with their release dates. If you don’t think so, then you’re too new and/or gullible.

  26. Nothing gets finished asap always delays they have to work with the government and getting patents. Hodl and let them work they will get the job done

  27. Hopefully….they haven’t proven themselves yet.

  28. SafeMoon lives rent-free in people’s minds. Even AFTER they sell.

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