1. My will to entertain. If I die, then I'll try to keep the show going somehow.

  2. You can be happy on summer break or when you graduate, now we learn U v U

  3. I’ve spent 9-10 years in school, it’s depression. But it’s my last year and I’m scared yet happy, I’m going into world knowing nothing with a degree.

  4. Oh me too!! It’s alright we’ll slowly teach ourselves, besides there are always more experienced people who can give some good advice

  5. Fair enough, I’m just gonna do whatever I can and just live my life

  6. Thanks for the head up, apparently it affects your short term memory off a discord user but had no evidence to back it up

  7. Then go get your life hunny, you’re young an have a life time ahead of you(hopefully) get out of your comfort zone an experience life an all it has to offer. You won’t regret it…. P.S- stop smoking weed

  8. I probably won’t but I understand, thank you and have a good day/night:)

  9. Get a good stretch in, take your time, and don’t stress yourself out. Find a workout routine that fits you.

  10. Any you recommend since I’m struggling with it atm lmao

  11. I wanted to ride around with Optimus prime and bumblebee

  12. Bros getting sent to next generation if she says that bs.

  13. Vanished because there some fucked up people on this app

  14. Definitely no fucking going to be happening. Unless.....

  15. Does the entire LOTR trilogy count? If not, then Fellowship will suffice, extended edition of course.

  16. Expel racism and unveil the real fact that all humans are human. Unite humanity under the realization that we are all sharing the same planet and therefore the same limited resources, in the hopes to create further equality and peace.

  17. What I understand God like powers could do just that

  18. Yeah and no. I don’t understand why the government can chose to kill innocent people. Don’t get me wrong, mass shooters, killers, all that whatnot should deserve to die. But others can get professional help. That’s just my opinion though.

  19. Start with my kids student loans and keep going with a lot of other kids student loans

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