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  2. Do you understand what a game is? Are you aware that it is also separate from reality?

  3. he was but he left cuz he wanted to go to school tho right

  4. Right. What if they actually caused serious physical harm? The pie gets in someone's eyes, causes infection or blindness. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

  5. It’s all fun & games until someone has to hope for a worst case scenario that never happened.

  6. This is their final goal. They want you living in a way that takes up minimal space & resources, looking like skid row, with your only significant possession being your VR headset so you can work your virtual job for your virtual pittance & don’t go causing trouble out in the real world.

  7. Management would like to remind you that any disease contracted via “interaction” with the flora & fauna of Hoxxes is not covered by your workplace insurance.

  8. Are those American dreams? Or something like that

  9. Bro, you’re getting the tattoo. You asked for what you want & they gave you something completely different. Don’t just lay down like a doormat & let them fuck you over.

  10. Also effectively Chinese Spyware. As well as being perfectly designed to destroy an individuals attention span.

  11. They post 100’s of tweets about 100’s of potential events months in advance. Set them all to private, delete the incorrect ones then set the correct one to public. Not hard to figure it out. So many accounts do this shit.

  12. Came back to the game recently & finally finished the story today, the scene with

  13. I got off the train at Balham the other day and someone referred to the next stop Clapham Junction as "Clappy JJs"

  14. Yep that’s someone else’s post. Yep you were too lazy to even change the title.

  15. Almost certainly safer than 90% of everything else posted here.

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