1. Last time the Chargers came to Cleveland they whooped us 38-14 in what actually was supposed to be an exciting matchup at the time, as that was Baker's rookie year right after they had just beat the Ravens in OT. Completely out played and out coached in every aspect.

  2. Yeah I know, but that was in LA, I was just talking about their last game in Cleveland

  3. True. Come to think of it, I was at that game in 2018. The loses just meld together in hindsight.

  4. I drive a 2020 Sport (same car, different body). Mine does this around turns sometimes. Shoots up then shifts. Hasn’t caused any problems for me. DCTs are finicky in stop and go situations. Great when going fast. The fact that it happens less in Sport makes me think it’s just the DCT being the DCT

  5. My car has a push start. My key fob does have a mechanical key, though I think it’s only used to unlock the car, not start the engine

  6. They’re beautiful cars but for some reason I just can’t get behind the sedan body. Really wished hatch back was still an option for America. Or at least give us some of the hatchbacks from the EU.

  7. Got the cherry jungle can't wait to try it's seed junky genetics so it should be 🔥

  8. Same, really stoked on the newness. And of course, I got some Animal Face to pair.

  9. Can't go wrong with animal face but i was gonna grab some mushroom cake but tbh im burnt out on gmo strains lol

  10. Felt the same way. I just nursed down some Dark Rainbow (GMO x Rainbow Belts) from Certified. Really bomb stuff but I don’t wanna over do that profile.

  11. The Verna appears to be the Accent subcompact sedan for different global markets outside of NA. Manufacturers do this for a variety of vehicles: Hyundai Elantra vs Avante; Hyundai Azera vs Grandeur; Kia Forte vs K3- just to list a few examples I know of off the top of my head.That photo honestly does look like an Elantra, so maybe a misrepresented marketing/press photo? But the Elantra is one of Hyundai's more popular vehicles, so it wouldn't surprise me if they pull a lot of styling cues from it for the Verna (Accent).

  12. Yea I think they nixed the Accent and Azera over here because they weren't as competitive as the rest of their line up. I'm kind of sad by how many companies have discontinued their sedans/cars in more recent years haha

  13. I have a 22 N line. It’s awesome. I’m also old and have kids and the Elantra was too small. You 100% should consider the Elantra N. It won’t feel much quicker in a straight line as both are 0-60 in around 5.4 with the DCT. The sonata is way more comfortable, smoother ride, and quieter. I love mine. If I was single in my 20s I’d take the Elantra N 100 of 100 times lol. Easy choice. Go for it.

  14. I work with them a lot, they’re nice. The only complaint I would remotely have about the N models is about the Kona N. The build quality seems vastly different to the Elantra N.

  15. Better or worse in the Kona? What gets me is the passenger “handle”… seems just like a waste of cabin space

  16. Thought the handle was cool but then I sat in the passenger seat when I let my mom drive my N and yeah… that shit sucks lol I was so uncomfortable. My girlfriend doesn’t mind it when she rides passenger so I guess that’s all that matters

  17. I had a small crack in my windshield I did t see at first, when I bought a CPO. Called the next week, dealer wouldn’t do anything.

  18. I feel like tasting like it has seeds is just as bad as having seeds! Mine was nothing like that mine just didn't have much of a smile at all everything else was just fine with it.

  19. It’s $40 at RiSE… GDI should be selling for less at their home dispensaries…

  20. I’ve driven 3 Elantras. No issues. A bit rough around the edges but always reliable for me.

  21. C8 Corvette in shambles.

  22. I’m guessing it is an acronym for a full strain name they could now fit into the packaging.

  23. Sorry for the wait. The knob was actually a direct swap for most part. Depends on what boot you use. If you use the n shift boot you will have to take old boot off the trim ring, it's kind of a pain. If you use your original boot you will have to grind off a piece of plastic on bottom of knob.

  24. Word. Appreciate the answer! I’ll prob just do the full boot swap. Hopefully my fingers don’t regret that…

  25. “Dude” was Donovan Mitchell. Correct he does not now how to rock. He knows how to hoop.

  26. Enjoying some of this rn. Not really a huge terpinolene fan but this batch was better than the first one I tried. Can’t argue with 31.5% either

  27. Okay so I picked up two of these and then also two of lemon slushie, and both me and my wife agree, this orange 43 is harsh as s***. We were both coughing our asses off.

  28. I second the harshness. In terms of effectiveness, it’s fantastic. Not great going down though.

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