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  1. It's amazing how a brief comment can let everyone know what's beneath the paper bag flair.

  2. I feel like we need a new flair for Auburn fans to be recognized but also admit their shame. Maybe a pooping tiger?

  3. The guarantee is a good point but I often wonder if an RB who might win a Heisman at these big schools would take that risk for the potential reward it brings.

  4. Bro, Bijan is gone. It's the right decision, no reason to stick around at all anymore. I love the guy but it would be ridiculous for him to stay.

  5. It's ironic that after all the bombings in Beirut the biggest explosion was due to bureaucratic incompetence.

  6. What is war but bureaucratic incompetence?

  7. I just tried with my little singing bowl that's also a bit thicker, didn't work.

  8. I mean I don't even think that's tin foil, that's probably the case. Plus less penalties means a shorter game and they were complaining about longer games during the off-season

  9. You mean more time for commercials.

  10. I think it’s fair. They’re both coming out and saying “We hired the best football coach.”

  11. If it was just cheating on his spouse with escorts it would be one thing, but the harassment of sexual assault victims and stories when he was a high school coach with his treatment of the female students is a whole other thing.

  12. Thank you red teams fan for acknowledging that there are worse issues with him than paying sex workers.

  13. Honestly when I first heard people don't like him all I could really find was his phone records thing, and while cheating on a spouse is bad I don't think it should disqualify someone from a head coaching role. If he was getting prostitutes for recruits, that's just gross. Personally I think sex work should be legal, though you shouldn't cheat on a spouse to do it. But man, he's a piece of work.

  14. I was never fan of the logo and the name when they announced it back then.

  15. Is anyone? The name is stupid (and reused from TWO old Dallas teams; one was the worst in the history of football, the other is now the KC Chiefs), and the logo is just ugly trying to appeal to the entire state in a blatant attempt to get Cowboys fans to switch/also support. Not a single thing about it screams Houston.

  16. Nah, they can keep UT. We're just Texas.

  17. Vegas set the over/under for our win total at 6.5 this year, and we were picked to come in fifth in our division. To end up going 9-3 and second in the division is a great year for us. That win over LSU looks very good, too. Definitely exceeded expectations by a good bit.

  18. You need flair, or at least say who we is (assuming FSU).

  19. "but you'll lose your citizenship here"

  20. It's crazy how much the insiders were dooming about the kicking game all preseason only for Sodeshow Bob to turn out to be one of the best kickers in the league

  21. During I think the TCU game the announcers asked what sideshow bob meant and I felt really weird that they didn't.

  22. Texas finished regular season with top 30 scoring offense (21) and defense (29). It’s been a long time since they’ve been this solid on both sides. If you can’t see that Sark’s building a healthy program based fundamentals I can’t help you. Time to go get another top 5 class!

  23. The defense was such a big concern this year but in the last few games really stepped up. Even when time of possession was way out of whack they played hard and didn't give up.

  24. Ironically I’d trade Evan Stewart for Worthy straight up.

  25. I mean Sark and co have to be hitting refresh on the portal constantly to see what kind of tamu players pop up any minute now.

  26. Brought to you by the school formerly led by the guy who loved watching his wife get pounded by the pool boy. For years.

  27. And currently employs a head football coach busted for using escort services while married and accused of sexual assault. Auburn is looking to hire him but a lot of their fans have pushed back.

  28. That contract is his paycheck not a personal fiefdom. All coaches need things from the athletic department each season that aren’t tied to their salary. We can tell him the answer to any request is ‘no’ until he fixes his bible thick playbook and gets a real OC to call plays.

  29. And what's the real leverage here? Burn down your own program?

  30. There's definitely earned criticism for this season, but if you're not happy about improving from 5-7 to 8-4, find the door and GTFO.

  31. We have two more years. Winning doesn't happen overnight in most cases. Herman left the lines empty of talent and scared off a lot of other players. Sark has to rebuild, which takes time.

  32. Agreed, i gave my tech bro shit for their "high school coach", but he's done well.

  33. When I opt for stem cell therapy, I don't want mine. I want Vaughn's.

  34. You'll recover, but you'll be 4" shorter.

  35. Defense has to hold here, we’ve got a slim chance. BUT A CHANCE NON THE LESS

  36. If Tamu wins this and Georgia wins the SECCG.. Bama sneaks into the playoff. Does Texas A&M become all time most hated team?

  37. Perhaps the kid was playing video games all night. Forgot to submit the assignment. And before going to bed, remembered it.

  38. Or did it, got drunk, got home and realized they forgot to submit it.

  39. See, this is just deflating. It’s like we went and beat Texas and then just decided to call it a season. I mean, we were seventh in the country at that point. I don’t know, this is just a terrible way to end a season that I was really excited about. But, who knows, maybe we move some coaches around (or get rid of one or two entirely) and we come out swinging next season. There are some bright spots in today’s game that I was excited about. Rangel and Ollie specifically. But…only time will tell.

  40. Seriously wish y'all could have not focused so much on us, or at least focused more on 0u. For next year, is Sanders still eligible? I feel like he's been there forever.

  41. Wtf cowboys, why implode after beating us?!

  42. Who else spent a solid 30 seconds trying to figure out the track?

  43. What do the orange buttons the left do?

  44. Does Michigan win "the" with this? Now OSU cannot use the word anymore?

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