1. Probably referring to something along the lines of telling patients that the right thoracic adjustment will cure their diabetes and doing a master cleanse monthly will cure their butt cancer

  2. Assert dominance and go in without pants /s

  3. There’s some good small business books you can look into, one that I think is pretty thorough is “the small business start up kit, a step by step legal guide” by NOLO

  4. Have you checked on LoopNet? I’m currently looking for a small place to open a practice and a lot of coworking spaces pop up

  5. This is where you can either rent out a whole office itself or just a desk somewhere either by hour/day/week/month/etc

  6. Do you have access to equipment that would make adjusting easier? Ie if you needed to work you could do Activator, SOT, Thompson, etc to help reduce the potential stress on your body while recovering while still completing patient care.

  7. Yes! And San Leandro. I live in a neighborhood that I refer to as a little “gayborhood” as there are two gay couples, a trans woman, a lesbian couple, and a few families with gay kids. Other than that we’re also pretty age and ethnically diverse with homeowners/renters ranging from early 30’s to upper 80’s. Most of us get along and I recently was able to organize a neighborhood potluck that resulted in about 30 people showing up. We all look out for eachother and I think it’s just great!

  8. I love San Leandro too! I’m in Broadmoor near As Kneaded Bakery. Everyone is so nice and friendly and agree with your assessment on diversity.

  9. I used to rent in the broadmoor and loved it there as well!

  10. Daughter Thai/Farmhouse Thai (Montclair and JLS respectively)

  11. Highly recommend making your own caramel! (It’s not as hard to do as GBBS would make it out to be)

  12. Fuck other people, as long as you and your dog are happy that’s all that matters!

  13. I don’t think a horse could support the average MAGA community member

  14. Yes a rainbow grizzly, I’m going to do an “otter of creation” on the other side reaching out for the bears hand. Gonna be cute AF lol

  15. Height 71.5” SW: 250ish lbs CW: 220 GW: 190 Fasting: Generally OMAD with the occasional rolling 48s Diet: I try to keep it under 1600kcals with a Low-Medium Carb Paleo Exercise: ~1hr of cardio daily (mix of biking and hikes)

  16. Please put some shutters on that house :)

  17. MTG eats abortions to fix her weird vagina

  18. If you’re in the east bay I got my truck smogged (07 ranger) for $60 otd at KS Smog in San Leandro (right off of 580 near 238 split. Took about 20 min.

  19. Maybe Oakland needs to put up retractable bollards at intersections similar to what they do in Europe. That way when a light is red the bollards go up and down when the lights turn green. A few weeks of red light runners absolutely destroying their cars should help spark a change in the way people view traffic laws.

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