1. I don’t have any experience with them, but in my research I found an install video. It looks like they had slight issues but nothing major. I’ve been thinking about getting the pair for my Hawkeye since the old ones are starting to rust. Anyways, here’s the video I found

  2. I have no experience with them and never heard of them before, but taking a look, they pass the smell test. Whois shows they have been around over a decade. Established ebay store with good feedback. Google street view of their address matches to an actual place. Storefront shows VA Parts House which is affiliated (vapartshouse.com redirects to builtnotboughtauto.com).

  3. Thanks, I think I’m just gonna send it and hope for the best.

  4. Just noted that you have to swap the transmission as well, not just the block.

  5. Why, I thought an EJ25 was just a bored out EJ20, isn’t it?

  6. Sorry, but Subaru is heavily trending toward commuter cars with CVTs and a body covered in cladding. No chance they make anything cool for awhile. Suburban moms are what makes Subaru money these days… they are following the money.

  7. That’s just in the US though. They make cool stuff still, just not here. Like for instance the Levorg, because nobody in the US would ever want a STi wagon with a 6 speed manual. Lol

  8. Levorgs don’t come with 6 speeds, CVT only.

  9. Oof, I must’ve seen one that was converted then.

  10. Same, I always thought it was just Negro said by some southerner with a deep accent. It’d make sense too since Spanish people used to be ranch-hands and likely would have described them as negro. And no offense, but the average southerner of the time wouldn’t be smart enough to identify a single country in Africa.

  11. Why do pictures 4 and 5 look like bad photoshop?

  12. It’s parked on a giant screen. I thought the images on the floor were projected at first but no, it’s a screen. Since the screen is a light source, the car doesn’t cast a shadow, making it look like it was lazily pasted in.

  13. All teslas can, especially the X and Y. I think it’s because of how plain they are in terms of body lines.

  14. If you want a 928 and know what you're getting into, then maybe. If you're just passing by, no. From what I understand parts are drying up for these and it's about to get even pricier to fix. If you need something like a transmission rebuilt there's only a couple guys in the country who know how to do it and are still in business.

  15. I thought these things had trans-axles, making them even more of a pita, probably makes diff changes near impossible to someone who isn’t a transmission tech.

  16. Explain a hemisphere to me and where the hemispheres are on this car.

  17. Basically it’s a cylinder head shape that dodge started using in the 40’s, I think? Anyways, since then they’ve just kinda been sucking their own dicks while looking at photos of their ancient accomplishment. That pretty much sums it up.

  18. Nothing says “luxury” like hard plastic!

  19. No, nothing says “luxury” like a dodge charger with a chrome package, oh wait, nvm, same thing. Lol

  20. I’m in California so nothing is easy. Hints why I’m doing the reg in Vermont I live in a pretty small town with not a lot of law enforcement so I think I’ll be fine we have a lot of out of state plates coming through all the time.

  21. Won’t you have to get it inspected in VT for that to work though?

  22. I’m 22 right now, when I went through school every adult pushed for kids to go college. I think that’s a huge part of it. Most of Gen Z hasn’t even finished their schooling yet because most where told they had to go to college to be someone.

  23. OP: “I wanna CRX” OP’s Mom: “We have CRX at home” CRX at home:

  24. That is one of the worst wraps I’ve ever seen.

  25. What type of oil cooler you got? Jesus Christ.

  26. EJs blow up. Especially ones with 100k and abuse on the clock. That's not really news. I believe all engines prior to the two brand new RA shortblocks they installed were used/salvage rebuilds. I actually think this series was extremely relevant and useful to anyone NEW to Subaru. Buy a used WRX and expect to buy a brand new block, tune it with reputable shop, and enjoy.. that's pretty much how the series ended for both cars and has been most people's experience since 2007 when people were snatching up used WRXs and blowing them up 10k later.

  27. Yeah, but it seems they blamed the car, even when they bought a blown up one as a replacement after James’s crash.

  28. I think they make solid content and I enjoy the banter between the team. I think that they either had bad luck with the cars they picked and/ or weren’t used to Subaru quirks. (Track driving a freshly rebuilt motor aside).

  29. Oh, somehow I forgot about Aaron. He probably could have been a huge help. Rotaries are definitely a bit more temper mental, but I do believe if you treat both engines with care instead of abuse they’ll last a long time.

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