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  1. Not songs in particular but i highly recommend Glass animals, especially the early work.

  2. Great tattoo but i dont like the placement, where your shoulders taken ? Thats not a sarcastic question btw i am genuine curious. Or maybe the back of your neck would have cool. Anyway the tattoo its self is boss.

  3. Sorry to come off as a dick and I’ve actually only gotten this stupid question like 3 times.. but it annoys me how something as well known as a third eye, not just because of Tool but because of how well it’s known when it comes to spiritually in general… that people do not know this simple yet, in my opinion, one of the most important significances of it.

  4. I can't see your reply in real time, my phone sucks. I will check out what you wrote later as i appreciate the reply and i can see you have said something about the neck not being the centre and i agree that its not the centre of the being , i was being stubborn. I am also curious to learn a little more from you regarding this topic before looking into it a bit more myself.

  5. You can check your Pokédex to see what 4* you’ve caught. It’s disappointing to find out which ones you don’t have anymore

  6. Yes! I have four i transferred, i made the mistake of not checking every Pokemons stats. I stopped that once i found out about the pokedex recording four stars.

  7. 4 star is a hundo, seriously awesome but! My first four star legendary was a Zekrom.

  8. Fantastic! Love the lighting and colours!

  9. Even if that is the reason for their stunt, these idiots are getting anywhere or gaining positive influence doing ridiculous theatrics like this.

  10. What a waste of food. Absolute disgrace.

  11. No defently not, it wont max out anyway on the second bar and you lose the attack increase.

  12. Bro I was thinking the same thing like who the is the father?

  13. Her Dad. They never found out for sure , but he was the most likely suspect.

  14. A five year old is not a Woman , even if she has given birth. This case pops up a lot and its absolutely horrific, with the baby most likely being her fathers.

  15. Awesome! I haven't found anything decent yet :( Just a Lapras and its IVs where trash.

  16. I fail to see the issue here. Sounds magical.

  17. I would love for someone to explain how its an investment.

  18. Thanks for this. I hate it. And the fact that the absence of such is worse, makes it so much worse!!!!

  19. Love it! Just gotta work on your shading and such to make the form pop , but its good so far!

  20. That took me a while. God i love optical illusions.

  21. Is that the guy from Eric Stoltz the mask?

  22. Will the real slim shady please........

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