1. fuck that if i get attacked im putting as much force as possible into a punch and probably throwing my back out regardless of gender

  2. Right so like Mike Tyson or a trained MMA fighter walks up to you and slaps you in the face. You’re going to hit him as hard as you can and then take the violent beating that follows right?

  3. If mike tyson or an MMA fighter started a fight with me id accept that id already loss but go down swinging

  4. If you’ve seen it before and you remember the episodes I would show her a curated list of TNG episodes to start. Starting from season 1 is a pretty big ask since most of that season isn’t very good

  5. The cringiest thing for me is the cold open where they are making a lip sync video (to a song I'm not familiar with).It feels so obviosuly tied into an NBC thing at the time and not something people like Dwight would otherwise be up for. This and the wedding make me cringe.

  6. I'm ok. And no I'm not doing this to make me feel smart. "super mean racist term" was really funny how stupid it was.

  7. Why would the government negotiate with domestic terrorists who’s stated goal was to overthrow a democratically elected government? It’s ridiculous it even took that long to use the emergency act

  8. I always wonder if they faced off at wm 18, would the crowd still have turned Hogan face?

  9. It’s a good question cause Rock was over but not Austin over and people were so happy to have Stone Cold back as a face after X17. But I do think they boo him cause it was in Canada and it’s a weird crowd. Next question is would Austin have changed the match like The Rock did to adjust for the crowd?

  10. If he was booked like his 1998 self for his whole Career he could have been a permanent main eventer

  11. Was rewatching this time period recently but I’m pretty vague on it but didn’t Kane basically lose to the Undertaker, lose to Austin, lose to the Undertaker. When I was watching I remember thinking they didn’t book him very strongly in the beginning. Again could be remembering wrong

  12. Why respond to a much smaller artists who take shots? Only thing it will do is give Game’s album more publicity and streams which is exactly what he wants

  13. I feel confident enough to claim that most girls are more into the guys who actually play the game than those who calculate it, yes.

  14. I mean if you’re talking about NBA analysts then I’m sure most of these adults with decent paying jobs have wives and kids and stuff. Also people can play the game at many levels and still use analytics lol

  15. Why? Even Spotify shows all the lyrics. Should he censor the lyrics too? He said it. It’s a word. Shit happens

  16. Oh well I use Apple Music and racist and homophobic slurs aren’t shown in the lyrics, just assumed it was an extension of that. And of course that word is censored in Fall

  17. I’m pretty sure one of the most successful and highest selling artist of all time makes his own decisions and nobody makes him do anything. Also for years and years we’ve seen that Eminem doesn’t like doing promo so why are you surprised now, especially for a greatest hits album lol

  18. I doubt he’ll release many more songs from the vault, the two he has released haven’t gotten than many streams or haven’t been that popular. It’s ironic that people complain about wanting the old Shady but when he releases old songs people don’t care that much

  19. they dont. Character does. KO, Foley, Big Show, American Dream, Dew Drop, The Fiend, Dudley boys, Otis, etc

  20. That’s a hilarious series of names to prove physiques don’t matter, especially Big Show who’s 7 feet and wouldn’t even have been looked at if it wasn’t for his size. What about basically every main even star ever lol Hogan, Warrior, Macho Man, Austin, Rock, Triple H, John Cena, Brock Lesnar.

  21. I mean obviously he’s going to be told that he should not have raised his hands to him, it’s basically a death sentence to raise your hands to a made guy let alone the Boss of a family. Who cares if he did anything or not, these are rules they live by.

  22. Raptors Rudy Gay was awful to watch, it really showed he wasn’t anywhere near a top 1-2 player on a team

  23. Why not? He a perfect scorer off the bench.

  24. His age, he can’t defend like at all, doesn’t do any of the little things, and he’s usually been inefficient in the playoffs. Though to be fair he was an efficient scorer last year for a terrible Lakers team. He hasn’t contributed to a really good team since 2013

  25. Like 4 more all-nba, 2 more rings and FMVPs puts him in the conversation. Don’t think it puts him in there but you could make an argument at that point

  26. Verses mean, like a song Eminem ft Royce or Jay z ft Eminem, whose verse is better, and who can really match the level of eminem on it, royce did it on Not alike and You gon learn.

  27. If it’s that then yea Royce is probably the answer but if you read the thread you’ll see that most people are talking about a Versuz as in a hits battle.

  28. We are talking about verses, not versus, so Lil Pump with hits like Gucci Gang can compete with Em but royce cant ? Good logic you got there.

  29. I feel like OP is talking about the Versus where two artist meet and play 20 of their hits. If I’m wrong ok then what is a verses? Just being on songs together?

  30. Bet that was a Ronda call honestly. She’ll “do the job” but Liv taps first

  31. Why would you think Ronda decided the finish? When there’s just no way WWE was going to have Ronda lose clean anyways

  32. Why else would they have Liv tap before Ronda was counted for the 3? Why not simultaneously or after? Only one way makes Ronda look better and Liv even worse… Unless they’re planning on Liv turning heel in the end of it because all they’ve done is make her look chicken shit. Especially coming out and cutting a promo that she didn’t tap and won fairly.

  33. Because simultaneously or right after is basically a clean finish no? Would also make Ronda look bad to just let herself get pinned.

  34. The game wouldn’t exist. If you could legally goaltend in all its forms than you could just stay under the basket and pop the shots out through the bottom of the hoop. Nobody every scores

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