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  1. Branded Despia has a lot of URs, also Dinomorphia, Dinos, 8-Axis, Heros, and other expensive archetypes. Runick is not that expensive but also not cheap.


  3. I’m only asking for a quiet Christmas since 2016; why do politics always fuck us so hard in December every year #fuckcastillo

  4. The unofficial yet superior sims like ygopro don't even have currency. All cards are available from the start.

  5. Sure but this game has the collecting aspect, and also the monthly online events, banlists and the customizable shit like fields and mates. Plus the arstyle and music, and I personally love the monster animations.

  6. Yugioh card art looks super cool but there are so many random lines it's hard to tell what's going on sometimes. I can barely tell what's happening in half the gizmek cards

  7. I still can’t decipher wtf Aluber is

  8. If Costa Rica and Japan qualify, this would prolly go down as the most legendary group finish of all time

  9. For three minutes we had a utopia in our hands damn, never forget 70-73

  10. Nothing it is, press F to pay respect

  11. The events of the Dance are awesome even if the characters are not developed enough to be considered ambiguous or gray. But that’s only because of how F&B was written.

  12. Tbh I dont get peoples extreme desire for a frame. I dont even check peoples profiles lol.

  13. I just thought the frame was cool and then I got salty when it was so hard to climb the ladder so I made it my mission to get the frame one way or another. But never again, this shit was so stressful and grindy I’ll stay in gold for three seasons at least lol

  14. Damn yeah I need to change that “Relaxed Play” shit because this festival got me so angry lol, I hate Marincess forever now

  15. Just because they made them more sympathetic doesn’t mean people are going to support them over the blacks. GOT made Cersei, Mance and fucking Tywin more sympathetic and complex than regular antagonists but I still wanted them to lose.

  16. Personally I want stabbing, politics AND magic, that’s what makes this universe so good. And it’s also why I’m so excited for

  17. It's more a matter of hubris in that regard.

  18. Feels like you’re making excuses and concessions for characters mistakes in GOT that you’re unwilling to do for HOTD. Lame lol

  19. I think you’re unfairly comparing characters with multi season arcs here. Tywin barely does anything in GOT S1? His best moments come in S2 and S4 imo and also Cersei is basically an evil bitch without any nuance at first; she only becomes a better character in later seasons.

  20. The whole episode was so intense man, I was on the edge of my seat! The whole setup has paid off, the war feels so personal at this point

  21. Bro literally yelled to get a dude to read 3 sentences.

  22. I was dying for him to say: STOP THIS MADNESS IN THE NAME OF YOUR FATHER-IN-LAW! when Aemond started threatening Luke

  23. The entire cast is just so good. It’s so rare that I can’t really pick a favorite.

  24. I’m reading Fire and Blood again and I can only picture the actors now as I recreate the scenes. That’s how you know the cast is fucking incredible.

  25. The shot when Luke arrived and saw Vhagar in the distance… She’s so fucking huge

  26. The whole scene was more terrifying than most horror movies in cinemas rn

  27. Hopefully you actually stop watching so we can have a season 2 without your overdramatic negative opinions.

  28. I think it’s fair to call it like it is. This season has, in general, been very good and won this sub back over to asoiaf. However, the ending of the previous episode was pretty bad, and it’s fair to criticize it. Hopefully they learn from this and nip that kind of stuff out of S2.

  29. They won’t learn anything if the criticism completely lacks nuance and just attacks the writers. The episode was generally good, had a lot of well written scenes and yes the ending was subpar and could have been staged better.

  30. Yeah, but it's a product of the war and taxes to finance said war, not wanton abuse of the smallfolk without a thought or care to what might happen like we see on the show.

  31. LMAO Aemond literally destroys the smallfolk in the Riverlands without any consequence, Rhaenyra traps the citizens in King’s Landing to serve as a shield for Daeron and taxes them to death to get some money. IDK that sounds like wanton abuse lol

  32. Virgin Otto Hightower: wE LigHT thE wAY 😏

  33. I feel like the problem, for me at least, is that the show seems to be spinning two different Alicent plates at the same time. Episodes 3 through 6 all showed us a high-strung, anxious woman still feeling betrayed by Rhaenyra from their childhood and feeling genuine fear for her children’s lives because of Otto’s fear-mongering and because of all the stuff Daemon and Rhaenyra have done (or are believed to have done, in Laenor’s case).

  34. However, the knife she pulled in Episode 7 seemed to have made her reconsidered her attitude, and Aegon’s incompetence and Otto’s manipulation cast even more doubt in her own agenda. It’s not like she has changed out of the blue.

  35. Vizzy T's entrance and Daemon's were my two favorites this season, but Vizzy T's by a landslide

  36. Yeah Viserys entrance literally gave me chills, no contest!

  37. I can understand Daeron not appearing on the show yet. I can't understand nobody even mentioning his name.

  38. I think they still haven’t decided if they are going to include him so they are just omitting him for now lol

  39. He lost the Aemma so he can get the Emmy 🥺

  40. Men it was so sad to listen to his speach during the dinner. My guy Big V

  41. When he saw Jace and Helaena dance, everyone laughing among him… what could’ve been. I was so sad man, why couldn’t they just get along? That’s all Vizzy wanted.

  42. Aegon, Aemond, Vaemond, Aemon, Daemon… I just can’t even with all these names!

  43. Both of them are cunts, but at least Aemond’s has a strong Targaryen fire that burns inside him. Aegon is just Joffrey lite.

  44. You said Aemond twice. Did you mean Aegon?

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