‘It’s over’: Twitter France’s head quits amid layoffs

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  1. I suspect that he's in the closet and over-overcompensating.

  2. people need to stop saying this stuff about these freaks

  3. Have you ever watched a video of the guy? He comes off as a heavily closeted gay man. It's possible that he isn't, but people refer to "gaydar" for a reason. A lot of people give off a certain "vibe" and this guy has that vibe in spades.

  4. I am 99% sure he is absolutely gay. Everything about the man sets off my gaydar. It seems extremely obvious to me that he's into men and he hates himself for it and is hugely overcompensating.

  5. Welcome back to the Pirate Bay, friend!

  6. Steam just updated mine and learned about this shithole of a club 15 minutes ago.

  7. Thank you very much, I wish OP had made this clear for us from the start.

  8. This particular OP doesn't care about anything but submitting as many threads to this sub as possible with as little effort as possible. And they frequently bot and use scripts to do so.

  9. What an interesting and informative post. Thank you for your contribution and congratulations on your upvotes.

  10. Please let Twitter die. Musk is the remaining Twit and will sell off whatever IP he doesn't need.

  11. There could be nefarious reasons. Twitter, for all of its problems, is a fantastic tool for political and economic activism, two things Musk and, coincidentally the other remaining investors, hate.

  12. An extremely expensive way to get rid of something that will obviously and inevitably be rapidly replaced.

  13. Or maybe some people enjoy things that you don't, and it doesn't mean that the world is ending.

  14. He never was interested in actually doing the job.

  15. A reminder that Donald Trump is a traitor who organized an attack on the government of the United States in an attempt to enact a self-coup and stay in power illegally.

  16. Even his supporters are done with him. If you go to popular conservative Instagram pages that announced his campaign, all of the top comments are saying Desantis>trump.

  17. They'll all fall in line once Fox News gives them their marching orders and talking points.

  18. It's amazing that the richest person in the world is so clearly insecure.

  19. Honestly: The most realistic thing would be that NATO sends Ukraine the extremely long range artillery they've been asking for. Would allow for military action against Russia without them actually getting involved.

  20. These days "boomer" means "anyone more than a few years older than I am" for a depressingly large number of teens/twenty-somethings.

  21. Everyone know that... What is the question here? This title is confusing

  22. They actually seem to believe (or at least pretend to) that Blunt is against the idea of strong and independent female lead characters in movies (which appeals to and validates their misogyny) rather than just finds the term and idea of a movie centered around a tropey "Strong Female Lead" to be trite and condescending.

  23. This website is absolutely full of children and manchildren who find that shit funny.

  24. kudos to Netflix for pushing fake documentaries out there. to hell with truth, as long as it brings in money isn't it. very nice moral style core for the company.

  25. One man's garbage is another man's gold. I guess it's all perspective. Graham Hancock is probably one of the most intellectual and facts-based dudes when it comes into alternative archeology, and a lot of his findings have been gaining a lot of mainstream backing finally.

  26. Agreed, peer reviewing is just confirmation of conformity to academic standards.

  27. Oh no not academic standards. Pure fascism. We should just validate every "theory" as true.

  28. why so much hate on this guy? his theory might not be true but at least he has one. i mean isnt it science suppose to try a bunch of stuff to get to conclusion?

  29. The guy is not only a crackpot who presents unfounded fiction as truth, but also claims that there is a scientific conspiracy which leads to gullible people becoming hostile to actual, verified science and fact.

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