1. Everyone answering crab cuz everything’s gonna evolve into them, I answered crab cuz snippy snippy, you can’t beat the snippy snippy

  2. Best I can do is Mickey Mouse for some reason.

  3. I can almost do Mickey Mouse, not quite tho lol. My best character impressions are Luigi, Princess Peach and Venom lol (quite the range as you can see lol)

  4. Why are people saying no to this? It literally just adds more options for people who don’t identify as a man or a woman, there are no negatives here lol

  5. Yep, “FTM Lesbians” are always the type that will inevitably will detransition into TERFS.

  6. You people literally have no right to say that. What someone identifies or doesn’t identify as is not up for you to decide and thinking someone is gonna detransition and become a TERF because of their identity is so shitty

  7. From what I’ve heard, a lot of the time the reason is that they identified as lesbian before they realised that they’re trans and still felt like they identified that way even after they realised, which is pretty valid imo

  8. Canada sounds nice c:, I can’t handle heat and I like the cold

  9. Hold it in until you get home or piss yourself, the ultimate strat c:<

  10. No because not every psychopath and sociopath instantly becomes a danger to society

  11. I’m hoping we actually get to go through time, either to the past or future depending on which version. I also hope we just get more of all of the characters, imo they’re some of the best characters in the entire franchise, I love them all, and I want more time with them. And some kind of battle facility would be nice, doesn’t have to be anything major but just something

  12. It’s very stupid, very manipulative and justifies not properly paying workers, it’s awful and I am glad I don’t live in America because of it

  13. Out of all of these, I’ve only fully watched Steven Universe so that lol

  14. The meaning of life is whatever you think it to be, if you think it has no meaning then it has no meaning, if you think it does have meaning then it does, it all comes down to the individual

  15. They aren’t that bad lol, I get that it’s not for everyone but they’re just being dramatic lol

  16. Imagine being all comfy and warm and then suddenly you’re getting pushed out of that comfy and warm place and getting plopped into the real world, idk about you but I’d be terrified cuz I’d have no idea what was going on

  17. Well, first of all, not all trans people feel a need to transition, but plenty of non dysphoria trans people do, and I don’t know a huge amount about it since I’m not one but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s for the sake of euphoria rather than dysphoria (hell, I’m trans and I feel dysphoria and this is still the major reason why I want to transition). Also, this is not the sub to ask this, this entire sub is based on the idea that non dysphoric trans people aren’t trans which is toxic as fuck and untrue

  18. You're on the wrong sub. Euphoria isn't a valid reason as drag Queens feel euphoric performing and it doesn't make them trans. If you're happy with your agab changing is merely a cosmetic CHOICE. Being trans isn't a choice therefore you're just cis.

  19. What motivates you to be such a piece of shit that you gatekeep what it means to be trans? Like, I get separating it to the point where there’s a difference between cis and trans, but why go beyond the “their gender doesn’t correlate with their sex” definition? I know it’s extremely simplified but it’s true, that is the basis around being trans and nothing else should matter

  20. They don't even call it Sinnoh. None of the locations and characters are there. It's like taking me to Long Island in 1780 and telling me I'm in Time Square.

  21. “None of the locations and characters are there” mate… Jubilife Village, Snowpoint Temple, Temple of Sinnoh, the Celestica Ruins, Lake Valor, Verity and Acuity, need I go on? And as for characters, of course they’re not there, this is like 200 years before the events of DP, but you know what we do have? We have their ancestors! Cyllene (Cyrus), Kamado (Rowan), Akari (Dawn), Rei (Lucas), Mai (Marley), Charm (Bertha and Agatha), all of these characters and more are all direct ancestors or possibly even straight up the characters from the originals with Akari and Rei, and on top of all that, the Pokémon that can be found in these games are almost entirely Pokémon that can be easily found in Sinnoh, with the exception of the new Hisuian Forms but even then, Pokémon like Scyther, Sneasel, Growlithe, Arcanine and Qwilfish can all still be found in Sinnoh, just in their regular forms. And on top of all that, by the end of the game the region ends up getting renamed to Sinnoh, how is it not Sinnoh?

  22. I mean I identify as a woman, and before someone pulls a Matt Walsh and asks “WHAT IS A WOMAN THO?!” a woman is someone who identifies as such, same with man, enby and every other possible gender identity, pretty simple

  23. THANK YOU! The whole concept of anyone shitting on neo pronouns is stupid, like, “oh, they’re not real pronouns, they’re just made up!” guess what genius? ALL OF LANGUAGE IS JUST MADE UP. But it’s especially infuriating when it comes from other trans people, like, you likely know the struggle of being trans, and you’re really gonna add to that for others just cuz you don’t understand them? It’s so fucking dumb and so fucking infuriating.

  24. Congrats! Hope it goes well for you, good luck! Also, good to hear she’s an ally c:

  25. When I say I identify as a girl, it means I identify as a girl, which the idea of that as is is a social construct, so it ultimately doesn’t really matter what I identify with as long as it’s making me happy lol

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