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  1. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait...

  2. Doomguy is BJ’s great grandson, but Doom 2016/eternal doesn’t take place in the same universe (he went into Hell and closed the portal on himself). People from another universe found him in Hell and woke him up

  3. Vietnam and China would NOT be dancing together they had as much bad blood as Yugoslavia did to China

  4. Yes. Apparently Hitler wanted to replace the regular military with the SS but the war was over, so this is prolly what happened

  5. I suppose the next question would be if this new global is SS is all volunteers, and just as bad as the historical SS (although at the end of the war they started drafting people into the SS as well)

  6. I don’t know for sure, it’s probably volunteers since it’s been 14 years since the war and most places have been taken over, the SS is less of an actual combat force and more like a military police.

  7. Is this a… third positionist punk? Those exist?

  8. YES. People constantly unequivocally comdemn capitalism, not realizing it was just one positive and natural step on the path, inexorablely travled by humanity, towards utopia.

  9. I still condemn capitalism. We’re at a stage where capitalism is decaying, and right now something needs to change or we’ll see economic crashes that make 2008 and the Covid crash look like little dips in comparison.

  10. Since this is a post on the topic, I’ll copy what I said in another comment section here. A lot of it’s made redundant by the graphic but hopefully some of it can help y’all when protesting:

  11. Should not do that, but if you feel the need to do that you're probably not in a free place.

  12. Sorry I got to you late, but I’m not. I have my mom who grew up in south Vietnam/ a grandfather who was a Vietnamese marine serving the US who’s going to disown me if they find out I’m a communist

  13. Dude on the left is Horthy Miklós who is from hungary. He tried to make hungary leave the nazi.

  14. The left are coomers (I also checked the comments and someone was saying it that the people protesting an authoritarian government are facists)

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