1. For sure. I've listened to it many, many times. It's something different from the usual since it relies only on a acoustic guitar for the rhythm and everything else is choir style vocals.

  2. Not sure if it's your thing, but maybe you'd like some of the Soviet-Afghan war songs, or those from Chechnya

  3. wait till you hear them islamic nasheeds, they don't even use instrumentals of any kind and they're hard asf.

  4. Haha that’s how I’m feeling. Looking at the tiny decal sheets too…The kit was a great deal and I’ve always wanted to build one. Got a PE set, some 3D printed equipment and hangar bay accessories with a plan to add LED lights and scratch build the hangar bay. This is going to be a very long (and hopefully fun…) road!

  5. Man it might be just me but the Chicken Shawarma poutine from Dr. Shawarma was fireee

  6. /uj Aw fuck this brings me back. I was here when this was created. Good times

  7. I mean that’s kind of implied by the previous question. Or wait, is your question a gotcha to see if they know AR/AKs well enough to identify the caliber?

  8. It isn't fam. The aforementioned previous question was AR or AK. The follow up question was between 5.45 and 7.62- both common AK rounds. AR platform is most commonly .223/5.56

  9. It definitely looks raw to you? I was unsure but I’ve showed it to a few people now and everyone says it looks wayyy undercooked. Scary

  10. Bro that chicken is fucked. I wouldnt eat it, and I'd go off on a coworker for serving it. When making the wraps we literally see the meat and therefore it's quality/doneness. Someone served it anyway, and those around them didnt stop it going out

  11. I ate most of it, nothing I can do now but wait and see if I get sick.

  12. I get that, and I think reporting them was a good idea. I hope it doesn't affect you too bad

  13. I just got a hard time wrapping my head around the hostility of the other person.

  14. That’s why I bury my guns with my silver and NASCAR memorabilia. You’ll never find it you commie bastards!!!

  15. I don't want your guns, silver, or toy cars. I simply want the people in my neighborhood to be fed, and housed. Not too ridiculous if you ask me.

  16. Then put them to work to earn a living.

  17. I mean, most benders wreck you for the next few days. At least with tripping it could actually be beneficial

  18. No not really. I can't think of any benefit that could come from binging psychs as opposed to just dosing once (per time)

  19. I'm going to take a wild guess and hope I don't embarrass myself lol

  20. Please tell me you're at least moving to a building that's been a rental since before November 2018.

  21. Canadian employee here, so not exactly what you're looking for but very similar. We use vats for chicken and fish (the fish has it's own vat), whereas any pork (bacon, sausage) is cooked on the grill. I seriously doubt you'll encounter any CC, especially if the location is well kept

  22. SACLOS missiles are guided through computer systems which guide the missile to the target based on where it is in the sight. In order to determine the position in the sight, it uses the flame coming off the back of the missile, which produces an IR signature. The computer then reads the position of the signature and sends a signal through the wire to adjust its course to the center of the sight.

  23. I'ma say Libertarian, but I could also see wannabe Communist. Was I right?

  24. Nah its new. It has the outer texture very similar to that of the nuggets, but is somewhere in between a mcchicken and a jr in size

  25. I imagine it's simply a pushback because of the restaurant's scheduling. Honestly I'd go in at the updated time/day and proceed as normal. At the very least, you could get a managers work email so you can follow up

  26. So I did have an interview the 17th but it was pushed back until the 21th. So I'll show up the 21st I havent gotten any emails and I'm so stressed

  27. Yea show up to that one bro, it says that it's the updated information. I honestly wouldn't worry too much, but I'd suggest you just call the store if you're stressing bad

  28. How my girl be lookin at me after I get her the 10 piece combo w a chocolate shake

  29. I mean, I might actually. I just feel like 3 months isn't near long enough to be considered

  30. Is this meant to imply the black managers are screwing the female artists so well that they've hit a new level of musical ability? Or that said managers are abusing the female artists into performing better? Or what?

  31. I was attempting to use the second meaning of profound as “deep” to imply that their vaginas are getting stretched.

  32. Ah I see, honestly I didn't even know that 'profound' could be used in that way, so the joke went over my head and left me guessing

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