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  1. If they are sheds it’s true. The face palm is you don’t know shit about deer.

  2. Lost 70 6 years ago, gained back 100, lost 110. I know how you feel, you can do it!

  3. Most people I know who have “anxiety” don’t actually have it, it’s in quotes bc they usually self diagnose. They just can’t deal with normal emotions and regular life. They all want quick fixes like adderal, xanax, and Valium. It’s normal to feel anxious or scared or depressed, it’s life. Some people just don’t want to feel.

  4. I feel like people can’t win with commenting/not commenting on weight loss. I’ve seen numerous posts on here just like yours and I’ve seen numerous where people are upset because no one has commented on their weight loss. Some people love the comments, some hate them. Some people comment when they notice weight loss, some don’t. I’m sorry the comments make you uncomfortable but it sounds like they’re coming from people that mean well.

  5. I think the problem is individual self confidence. If you’ve lost weight and feel good about it then you love the compliments. I personally do. It was fucking hard to lose it, especially after being fat all my life. When someone acknowledges the work I put in it makes me proud of what I’ve accomplished even though I can still see parts on me that need more work. However if you’ve lost it and don’t see the progress yourself or are self conscious still, those comments could have a negative effect. Be proud of what you’ve done, it’s extremely difficult and I think those people commenting on it want to let you know you’re doing great. Just my opinion.

  6. You make a good point as OP says they cant see the change. So others seeing it may be jarring.

  7. Clothes that actually fit make a TREMENDOUS difference. Like night and day. When I was overweight I’d buy huge clothes to hide it, little did I realize they made me look way bigger than I was.

  8. Its fun and exciting for a while, then you come realize you’re wasting time that could be spent investing in a real relationship. If they cheated on them they’ll cheat on you, eventually.

  9. I think that's definitely the main thing I've taken away from a lot of the experiences I've read about. 90% of the time, the person who had the affair realises they should've been tending to the garden at home, and the grass isn't really greener the other side. I certainly thing they'll often try cheat by going back to their original partner, too.

  10. Sometimes it is greener, however when someone is married there are so many other things that come into play where it’s much harder to leave, even in a bad marriage. Kids/financial/debt and so on. Doesn’t matter if you’re head over heels, love doesn’t conquer all but it’s a nice thought.

  11. How would they know she has anxiety? They barely met ONE time before.

  12. I did it at 39 it’s never too late. Best decision I’ve ever made for my health, mental just as much as physical

  13. Let me buy one from you? Pepper grinders at the store don’t get me and the 80 ones online get me LESS

  14. Try a unicorn pepper mill if you want the best. Have had mine for 8 years, untold amounts of peppercorns through this thing never had an issue and grinds a ton with one twist.

  15. I think Cosmos changed him when he became basically obsessed with the fame

  16. I had to drink some water just looking at that dry ass thing.

  17. If the bit is being redacted all his life, having terrible takes constantly and barely being able to talk in a coherent manner then yeah we understand. He’s doing great.

  18. Jesus Christ how is this a question. Should you disclose you have herpes?? Fucking right you should.

  19. Depends on what workout I guess. Can’t do squats or deadlifts in ultraboost they are to soft.

  20. Everything is cringe in a hate sub. There’s almost nothing these guys could do or say that wouldn’t be analyzed and broken down by virgin redditor debatelords lmao

  21. August 14 2020. Saw 300 on the scale and it scared the shit out of me

  22. Speaking from experience, the right time is now. It’s not New Years or I’ll start on Monday after this last weekend of enjoying food or anything else like that. You need to find foods you like and will help you lose weight. I still binge eat in a sense but when I do, it’s binging broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower ,hummus and not chips, cheese and fried food. I was at the point where I was either going full 600lb life or do something about it. I chose the latter and couldn’t be more happy with myself. It’s a choice only you can make bc your therapist won’t be next to you in the grocery or standing in front of the fridge to slap your hand away from bad food. And to be perfectly honest, there is no bad food, it’s all about moderation. Once you realize that you’ll be on your way to a slimmer more mentally and physically healthy self.

  23. Not a US resident but is the "N" word really a huge deal there such that a person can do what this guy did?

  24. Words can’t hurt you physically. People who react this way can’t control thier emotions. It’s pathetic, now this guy is most likely going to be charged with a crime over a fucking word.

  25. Haven’t eaten fast food in over 10 years. Even when I was fat af I wouldn’t eat that garbage.

  26. Ok ok hear me out, it’s like planet of the apes but they are transformers… 🤦‍♂️

  27. It’s a first date, she probably doesn’t know him at all

  28. So you just pick someone and say hey let’s go on a date with no communication? There had to be some sort of back and forth. I think it’s a crappy thing to do to anyone, first date or 10th. Just have some common decency and tell them. It’s not hard.

  29. Neither is a lot of the shit people continually bitch about on here so what’s your point?

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