1. Bob Newhart (92 years old). He's got to get to hit thriple digits.

  2. Agreed. This little space is ideal for a small animal to dig a nice hole for a new home.

  3. Adam and Eve have a few questions.

  4. There's a movie (possibly Woody Allen) where a character says "I always read the last chapter of a book first. That way if I die before I'm finished it at least I'll know how it ended."

  5. or the new one 'Headline blah blah whatever' then 'Here's why'

  6. Imagine kids today watching the Kids Of Degrassi St. and wondering why their parents aren't constantly hovering over them and driving them around everywhere.

  7. IDK if the area of Degrassi has cleaned up at all... it was a rough 'hood back then. I looked a Google maps... maybe it's better.

  8. Me. Wife binged Chernobyl five times, I couldn't bring myself to it. Not with the Zaporizhzhia power plant currently existing in a Schröedinger-state, and also because I lived through and remember the original one.

  9. I'm mildly obsessed with the Chernobyl power plant disaster and Pripyat (abandoned town of workers nearby). Any abandoned place really.

  10. No offense, but It's one thing to be interested in something that happened overseas from Canada (that probably started as an adult), and another to live a few hundred kilometres from where it happened, being told as a child not to go outside, and having your parents on edge, because we actually WEREN'T TOLD anything for a few days, as nuclear fallout was being spread with the wind. Hits you differently.

  11. “Breaking News” has turned into a participation trophy. 😂

  12. Very true. Last year sometime, I turned on a cable news channel (CP24) which covers the Greater Toronto Area and they had live breaking news about...

  13. just means Zoro's been there, am i showing my age?

  14. IMO a place holder as a temporary identifier. iirc some of them are already 10 years old.

  15. That link is for the whole movie! and while I could enjoy that very much... maybe you wanted me to watch this segment specifically?

  16. Me and my buddy live right across the street. It isn't that good. Chicken squared that was located there before was better.

  17. Same here, though I’m definitely more cynical and I’m aware of how the world around me has changed. I’ve also had the realization that I don’t think a political party truly represents my views

  18. Herein lies the problem with 20 year cohorts. My parents were also Boomers and i was born in 73

  19. I wonder if there is a trust worthy chart showing the ages of parents of the different Gens.

  20. I doubt it as there is so many factors - I mean my kids are both Gen-Z, but my oldest friend's kids are Millennials and Gen-Z. I have quite a few friends who had Millennial children and we graduated between 1989-1991. Fact is people have kids in a roughly 30 year period which means statements like the ones in this article are pretty silly. My grandfather was Greatest Gen, Grandmother was Silent, Father and Mother was both Boomers, My sister and I were both Gen-X, but my sisters kids are Millennials and mine are Gen-Z. When you have a lot of consecutive cuspers in a family these stereotyping statements found in the article get tossed out the window.

  21. I mean it works, but the blade costs more than the scraper anyway.

  22. The dollar store often have these. For a job like this one or two of those should be fine.

  23. Like diamonds, tumeric is forever.

  24. Remove Turmeric Stains From Wood Create a paste with baking soda and water. Apply it to the stain. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Wipe it away. Combine 2 cups of water, ¼ cup of vinegar, and 1 tablespoon of Dawn. Dip a sponge in the solution and scrub the area. Rinse and repeat as needed.

  25. I got one of these, some of these type glass peanut butter came in it, then wash it up and use as a glass 💯💯🤟

  26. Growing up we had some glass I thought was so cool. I kept asking my Grandmother where it came from and I couldn't believe her when she told me honey had come in it.

  27. There was a post about one of these furry, fluffy sunflowers, and OP said they love to pet it each day.

  28. I grew these for the first time this year. I can confirm I pet it everyone I walk by.

  29. I convinced my Dad to buy a block of Apple in ‘96. It paid for their condo.

  30. In the early '80s my mom was always talking about wishing she'd bought IBM stocks. I think their might have been some program through her work that might have made it easier for her or something but she didn't take advantage of it.

  31. Yes. Have you noticed that in Stranger Things her overall gait seems different? I've always found her distinctive movements very appealing.

  32. It took me many years of perusing used bookstore shelves to assemble the entire Bloom County. Now I seek Outland. It shall happen.

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