1. even on mf april fools, you gotta point out how much of a persecution fetish you all have

  2. Seems like the kind of place an intellectual like yourself wouldn’t want to waste your time hanging out then. Feel free to fuck off to anywhere else.

  3. Then explain why a sub with over 1 million members has 99% posts with less than 10 upvotes. If you follow the ratio of members to average upvotes, we should very regularly be getting thousands of upvotes on any given post. But somehow they magically stay at zero. Almost like thousands of people show up daily just to downvote everything they see. Explain that. . .admitted lefty. . .hanging out in a conservative sub. . .

  4. See I wasn't thinking about ceilings. But you raise an interesting point. The cat density threshold would need to consider the Y-axis. Meaning that cat density must be measured in cats per cubic meter. If the room was too tall there would be a higher density of hiding spots up the walls (as is in fact the case in this video). A way to mitigate this would be to somehow rig the spots to result in more chaos.

  5. That’s genius. Because every cat entering is new fuel for all existing cats in that room, and all cats in the room are new fuel for the entering cat. So you just need few enough hiding places in each room, and enough rooms, that the critical cat mass constantly rotates through the rooms. Perpetual (co)motion. The cats hot swap themselves.

  6. Solid lead up. Seems like the punchline falls flat. Just not quite the right sentence.

  7. People complain about slumlords now, just wait to see how bad it is when the government is running things.

  8. That third party is at the responsibility of the mother, if she chooses to give up life support then it’s on its own just as we do for comatose parents or people who can’t survive without assistance. Pull the plug.

  9. Have you seriously failed to understand this topic for this long? Yes. We consider unborn babies to be alive, which they are, and therefore have the right to not be murdered, which they do. The left disagrees. Welcome to the entire point of a many decade old debate that you seem to have a strong opinion on, and yet obviously don’t understand in the slightest.

  10. In 100 years, history classes will discuss the insanity of our modern era and the kids will all ask, "how come people just didn't say, 'no' to this nonsense?"

  11. You still think there will be history classes in 100 years? I applaud your optimism, I really do.

  12. So despite this guys attorney telling you you are wrong, you are going to invent some hypothetical that can never be proven to claim you are really right. Smh.

  13. His attorney never said anything about the hypothetical situation that I’m speculating about. Just that he got out on time. Which I’m speculating only happened because the footage forced their hand. I’m sorry for thinking for myself instead of just asking you what I should think. I said it was just speculation and for a few years now, conservative speculation turns into verifiable fact about 95% of the time so I’m gonna go ahead and keep doing it.

  14. Even Babylon bee is predicting the future at this point. It’s not that hard.

  15. Both are prone to corruption, and the corporation has more incentive to do things well.

  16. You know we’re talking about Disney here, right? They apparently have absolutely no incentive to do anything well.

  17. It’s willful ignorance to suggest that taking steps at creating a scarcity of any resource will not lead to a reduction in its availability over time. This is especially true if that resource started as widely available and is relatively easy to maintain and preserve.

  18. The point that you and every lefty always miss, is that what you just said has absolutely nothing to do with the problem.

  19. Source? What developed countries are you looking at? Are you considering factors like the severity of their punishment for such crimes? Or the local culture? Cause switzerland is a pretty damned developed country, with some of the highest gun ownership and lowest crime rates in the world. Or do you mean developed countries like Germany, that have heavy gun control, and surprisingly high rates of crimes like cannibalism and other weird shit. Or China with mass stabbings on public transit where a single person will walk through the train with a knife just bleeding people out. Or would you prefer to pick and choose, maybe go with New Zealand. Very few guns, very few murders. Rising every year, but still low. Also extremely homogenous society that is famously polite and mild mannered. Almost like it makes a difference.

  20. If you’ve ever bought Tylenol you’re already a customer… they legit don’t care what drug you’re buying as long as you’re giving them money bro

  21. Your logic here being that once they’ve sold you a $5 bottle of one thing, they won’t try to continue selling you any number of the thousands of other drugs they also offer? Seriously?

  22. Yes exactly they’re not interested in WHAT you buy just that you do

  23. Oh I see. We agree then. You said it like once you’ve purchased one bottle of aspirin one time, you aren’t useful to them anymore because you’re “already a customer”.

  24. Actually no. People really do fly them like that. The video is sped up though, so still kinda fake.

  25. I wonder which signal the dog gave to indicate. I once saw video where the dog jumped his front paws on a car, and the officer took the jumping as an indication and searched the vehicle without consent. There was nothing inside.

  26. I think the usual indicator is sitting down and making eye contact with the officer. A pretty clear signal. But yeah, I watch cops, the show, and I’ve seen the cops use literally anything the dog does as a signal.

  27. It’s all been said pretty well already, but here’s a fun fact that the left will deny to their death today. He was wildly popular on both sides and won in 49 out of 50 states. The left has gone so far left they’d call him a Nazi nowadays, but before they went insane they liked him too.

  28. His policy is what led to the USA becoming a full-blown oligarchy. I'd say his presidency was an abject failure.

  29. I assume you mean you’ve repeated what you found on the internet dozens of times lol. You seem to be taking an anti-gun stance here, so how exactly would you fire a gun dozens of times without being a flaming hypocrite?

  30. Honestly the 2A debate is just more smoke and mirrors, I'd give up every gun in the country to bring back community, monogamy, and family.

  31. Sounds like a good idea until the day comes that you need to PROTECT your family or your community. Then you won’t have anything at all. That’s exactly why the second amendment exists. If you don’t have the power to protect what you have, you don’t have anything.

  32. What the holy fuck are you talking about?!? I was talking about protecting my family from a violent attack. No one knows what the hell you are going on about.

  33. Are Americans capable of having any conversation that doesn’t involve politics? Who do you blame your sneezes on?

  34. That aftermarket case sounds like the kind of thing you’d want to keep. Sure would be handy if you had the original case when you sell a gun, so you don’t have to part with your fancy aftermarket one. . .

  35. This is probably gonna happen in a couple months

  36. Or more likely, unless you select the woman and also the man in a wig, you won’t be allowed into your account.

  37. While 3 million (guess) have flooded into America?

  38. How did they get the altitude though?

  39. Even if the title had said hang glider instead of hand glider, it would still be wrong. It’s an airplane with a hang glider style wing.

  40. There’s plenty of room in the utopia of California. I forget why. Oh that’s right, because more people than ever before in history moved from California to Florida for the last 3 years in a row.

  41. Yeah, the world is caving in. Can fox really not find enough news? They’re just talking about things they saw on YouTube now?

  42. Fair point on the alcohol to sterilize, but that's typically methyl which isn't drinkable anyway. I'd definitely take a distiller/brewer over the accountant though.

  43. Yeah, but what’s the point of colonizing a planet if there isn’t whiskey? I’ll make whatever kind alcohol you want haha.

  44. The ideology of insincere fabrication of victims & victimhood through manufactured oppression/discrimination, for the ultimate purpose of acquiring power through such victimhood, and attaining undeserved social standing through faux outrage and virtue-signalling.

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