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  1. I’m a fan of solving “The Kanji Problem” in multiple ways, multiple times. Kind of like the Swiss Cheese model for safety or security, no single method helps me learn all the things about all the kanji in an order that meets all my needs. Learning by frequency of usage might be a good place to start, like with RRTK as another mentioned…

  2. Imagine what it is like to learn English, when everything except certain animals are pluralized with S, except sometimes ES, except sometimes they are not pluralized at all, kind of like those animals.

  3. And we have counters too! Slices of bread or cake, sheets of paper, head of cattle, etc. They’re just optional and avoidable, whereas in Japanese they’re not really.

  4. I know some in our community possess a sense of literalism, but I’m willing to buy into the premise to enjoy the other aspects. As I said, I know a professional in a high-pressure occupation like law would not be viewed favorably if they displayed autistic mannerisms because I lived it as a Marine. I had to mask up everyday for 25 years. The Marine Corps is my family, but many units eat their own if they perceive physical or mental weakness. Please allow that this fantasy is a source of joy for many, including me.

  5. Yeah, I was so excited to get to Ginger Island but I haven't gone back to the game since I did. It just seemed like something that was going to take me forever to get anywhere with. I'm bummed about it, honestly.

  6. I had a similar issue, and decided to start a new save and ignore the island entirely until literally everything possible without it is accomplished in the rest of the game. I’m treating the island as a sequel, to be started only after the rest is “completed”. I hope it works. I’m not great at video games in general or SDV in specific… but it will take me a while to discover if this is an unhelpful strategy or not.

  7. I like pressure (weighted blankets are life) and often sit on my hands and hold my arms against my torso, which I think are normal.

  8. That saying “Autistic traits are human traits” kind of sums it up the problem for me. Like take wool socks… Wool has a texture, and that texture is scratchy compared to cotton or silk, and many people find wool socks to be uncomfortably scratchy.

  9. this car won't shit the bed like ever if you take care of it. I'm still driving my 2001 4runner and I don't plan on getting rid of it. . ever.

  10. In some locations that’s correct. In locations that salt roads in winter and require annual inspections, if you drive on those salted roads, it’s a matter of time until the bottom rusts to the point that it can’t pass inspection. It will take 15-20 years, but it’s not inevitable (unless you move somewhere without salted roads). That’s happened to two of our cars, so we donated them to charity (they accept them for parts or scrap) and find another to run into the ground for a decade or two.

  11. Thank you for all of this, definitely makes me think about it more. I am very passive, and often afraid to speak up in case I say the wrong thing. I can hesitate and blush and think I can come across as shy, have a nervous laugh, so most people tend to give me benefit of doubt or make allowances for me. But maybe they think I'm lazy/incompetent due to this. I can do a little small talk, but find it harder as conversation gets more evolved and deeper, and usually goes into a more gossipy nature. I never behave judgmentally though I try to smile and make comments 'oh wow really' and can laugh along with others.

  12. I’m late to the discussion, but I’m also a woman in position of authority at my company, so perhaps my perspective may be useful.

  13. All religions are wrong. If your god has ever, or ever will demand the blood of another human being, it isnt worth your worship. You dont need a book on how to be a decent human.

  14. The terrifying thing to me is that… so many of them actually do need a book on how to be a decent human. The optimist in me chooses to believe it’s the conditioning their religion has put them through. But then that just proves we can condition ourselves to reject independent thought and moral compass and replace it with any book of our choosing… which is also a terrifying thought. I mean look at Scientology, he literally told people what he was doing, that it was not genuinely held beliefs, and people tagged along anyway.

  15. how tf is anyone supposed to know? the trial hasnt even happened yet

  16. In some places (outside the US), justification is required. Not in NY, though. It’s just a difference in process not everyone is aware of. I was initially surprised at the number of people asking this, but I guess it makes sense given how the author has collected fans from all over the world.

  17. It is a tweet, I guess. Not a meme. I'm not sure, maybe I don't understand it too. I think the author of this tweet also faces that situation sometimes, when you are very hungry and really need to eat, but all the food seems too sensory overwhelming, so you can't actually eat. That situation is hard to describe and explain, so one word/term for it would be helpful. If there was the term, you could just say "I'm having the episode of ___ right now", and people around would understand.

  18. Let's do it like the language in nineteen eighty-four (yes, I admire the totalitarian regime's efficient synthetic language, sue me).

  19. Plot twist: when your special interest is in sports...

  20. So i’m not in to sports but… I’d rather hear about sports from someone who has in-depth Ultimate Nerd knowledge about a sport than a regular fan. I want to know what in particular the person finds interesting - the statistics? the history? team dynamics? league politics? physics of play? Then I want to know what they find most interesting about that, and how they interact with it to bring themselves joy. I don’t care who wins or loses and I really don’t care who other people care about winning or losing but… When any interest is taken to the next level, that is interesting to me.

  21. YUP. Autopilot to get to a safe space and then BOOM. I can see and feel it coming and try and try to mitigate it and postpone it and last as long as I can… until I just can’t anymore. The bathroom is a real safe haven.

  22. 7 layer burrito from taco bell. They don’t sell it anymore so I compromise and get a Fiesta Veggie burrito. No cheese or sour cream. But sometimes the crunchy bits are Too Much (I don’t know what they are called so I can’t ask for them to be left off, I’m working up to asking what they are called) so I get just a regular bean burrito, which is a little sad on its own but physically feels good.

  23. Zero times maid of honor… but I was just the Best “Man” to my best friend, and I loved it. The “bachelor” party I threw for him was a mixed party with more women than men, and his children came too (guest list was 100% his choice). The bride’s brother was a bridesmaid too. I hung out with the bride’s party before the wedding, and acted as a go between or Groom Translator (mostly reassuring her extrovert friends and family that his introverted silence and actual hiding from all of them was perfectly fine). It was incredibly stressful but he knows I’m his Ride Or Die and my own spouse helped me through it and it was so lovely in the end.

  24. My first run at college, I did what I loved (music) and what could earn me a living (audio engineering, double degree). One semester in and the crippling performance anxiety was so overwhelming that I dropped all the performance classes I could and retreated to my “comfort courses” (math and music theory which is just math in sound form).

  25. I have extreme sensory issues with my skin… There’s basically no comfortable clothing or cloth. Naked isn’t comfortable either. The struggle is SO REAL. I’m so excited for you that you have clothing you are comfortable in physically and are approaching mental comfort with it too!

  26. My mom is Jewish and Canadian. My father is neither of those things. When I was a kid, my parents made reference to some male actor (it might have been William Shatner) being Jewish and Canadian, and I was confused, because I thought only women could be Jewish or Canadian.

  27. We moved to a new city in the US when I was 6 and my mom took me to a playground to meet and play with kids my age, and this little boy and I just started talking and playing the way little kids just do, and he asked me if I was “Christian or Jewish” (the city had a huge Jewish population) and I said very proudly “Neither, I’m CANADIAN” and he didn’t know what that meant so he went and asked his dad, which I didn’t hear what his dad said, but he came back and we kept playing until it was time for dinner.

  28. Yes, I think it’s probably abusive—at minimum, highly toxic. He’s functional at work with a ton of support, but also very good at his job (software engineer), if that makes sense.

  29. Your situation sucks, I’m so sorry - definitely sounds like you are between a rock and a hard place.

  30. It looks delicious and I love the colors!! How did you candy the walnuts in aquafaba?

  31. Soy curls: rehydrate (I used garlic broth and soy sauce), coat in a spice and cornmeal mix (I’d share mine but I think it needs more spices in general, main ingredients were cornmeal, nooch, garlic and onion powder, paprika, salt, pepper and breadcrumbs), bake at 400 until crispy.

  32. oh my god I’ve been having so much stomach pain recently but SAD junk was all that didn’t hurt and might stay down… this is the perfect rebound meal! I’m excited to try it this weekend, thank you!!!

  33. When my sister moved to California and I visited, I loved the abundant fresh produce but hated the overpowering, unending sunshine. It just felt so oppressively cheerful, like an obligation to be outside doing things and squinting in pain. I thought it was because I grew up in a place that spent 85+% of the time overcast or rainy, and just couldn’t adapt but… hmm…

  34. FWIW, it got better for me. The first big improvement was in my early twenties, when I got a job that made me able to live on my own. Not having to share my living space with anyone besides my chosen romantic partner helped tremendously; I finally had control over my sensory environment at home and didn’t have to waste so many resources living with people who are sensory nightmares.

  35. My 20s were hell, I almost didn’t make it, and life didn’t become tolerable until 28, 29. 30s were a breath of fresh air and in my 40s I now have faith that the world may be crashing and burning but my little corner is pretty awesome.

  36. Yeah. Probably also due to the fact that I speak Chinese. I’ll sometimes miss even the most basic phrases when they’re written in hiragana

  37. My tutor constantly tells me I learn Japanese like a Chinese person (I’m not) because I get frustrated with the “wall of kana” or if the author decided to use kana instead of kanji for something it’s like… You guys came up with this writing system, not me. I’m just dependent on it!

  38. The flashcards I hate the least for this I study the word in just kana but not stand alone, inside a sentence (underlined so I know what I’m supposed to be learning). Unfortunately sometimes I learn the whole sentence (and can’t understand it without that exact context) so I have to then work on seeing it in isolation ALSO, or change up the sentence (or both).

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