1. Hard to say. Whiting & Davis normally have metal tags on their bags but not always. Older ones from the 20’s would be stamped on the frame.

  2. thank you! there aren't any tags or stamps anywhere on the piece. i was reading, however, that earlier bags were made with blue hand-tags that were removable. so I am wondering, if this bag is old enough, if it maybe had a tag that was removed by previous owners? either way, i'm very excited to have this in my possession! thank you so much for your comment and link!

  3. oh ok I didn't know that all mine r the tile type so I thought that was their only type thank u for letting me know they have other types as I collect them,hope you are able to identify the brand of yours it's very pretty !!

  4. I found this vintage purse while thrifting & assumed it was Whiting & Davis based off of the chainmail mesh. there are no markings to confirm if it is or not. I googled all over for anything about it, but nothing came up besides a listing on Ebay for a purse that looked extremely similar, but was not the exact same. thanks so much in advance for any info!

  5. ugh yes i have it in waves sometimes when i look in the mirror for too long lol. i have felt more existential dread recently along with it and it's awful but it's something i need to mention to my therapist! just know you aren't alone ❣️

  6. the character Daisy Randone from the movie Girl, Interrupted (1999) has this (what I am assuming is vintage) wallpaper in the bedroom of her apartment. I have searched all over google and Reddit for some information on this specific wallpaper, but haven't been able to find anything! I am hoping someone has either the manufacture information or really just anything about this wallpaper! I think it's absolutely beautiful and would love it in my home

  7. yes lmao i used to scare myself so badly because i couldn't stop watching videos about crazy kidnappings!

  8. Beating yourself up for it isn't going to help. First and foremost, you need to acknowledge that this is hard for you and your feelings are valid. It's ok.

  9. i appreciate your advice so much, thank you! i will definitely keep those things in mind and bring fidgets and notes with me the next place i have to go! i get so scared of asking for accommodations because i'm currently waiting on a professional diagnosis and feel like people won't take me seriously. i also want to try journaling so i will start doing that and hopefully i can help get my thoughts out easier then!

  10. i'm suspecting i have it!! my meltdowns happen more frequently about 2 weeks before my period starts. my mood is absolutely awful, along with energy levels and appetite. it makes existing feel even more painful than usual! i also believe my mom and grandmother both have it undiagnosed. my grandma is believed to be bipolar and my mom has also always had my same symptoms before her period starts. i'm trying to figure out the best way to go about treatment because ssri's scare me :(. i hope you figure out ways to help and wish you well!!!

  11. i forgot to mention that i'm on birth control and have been for almost 5 years now and it hasn't helped one bit, besides with my hormonal imbalances which is why i started it.

  12. my grandma used to sew me mini pillows with a silk cover and she'd always leave little tassels of string on the corners of them and i loved spinning them around in my ears and nose for the tickle lol.

  13. Hi, first of all I'm sorry that you've experienced this. It can be very difficult when medical professionals are dismissive and don't seem to listen to your concerns. I had a very similar experience when I was going through the process of being diagnosed (I was 17 at the time, now 25). Please bear in mind that I am not a mental health professional and this is just my lived experience and opinion.

  14. This sounds like an absolutely horrifying experience!please feel hugged!

  15. I've been on 10mg for 2 months and dab, smoke, vape (heavily) every single day and I've had no effects!

  16. Sounds like you should for sure take it before bed. If you aren't eating in the morning it's going to be very hard to motivate for those first few hours. Mornings are always the worst time of day for me. But besides that, you really need to get a routine with your medication. It's always easiest for me to take before bed when I'm wrapping up at night. Skipping your lexapro is going to keep making your days bad. Please do yourself a solid and take it at night, EVERY night.

  17. I took it last night before bed and still got kind of depressed from it before I fell asleep, but this morning has been a lot easier! Thank you so much for the advice :)

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