1. This is a cool idea! I wear jerseys alot so this would be fun lol

  2. Haha what do you mean by top though? Like the singlets? Or like a shirt?

  3. I work with that equipment and she is doing literally nothing

  4. Just remember, 46 is the limit

  5. Just curious should the fonts be bigger for larger size jersey or they r all the same? I wear 40 and never had any issues, I got 100+ jerseys

  6. I feel like they're the same size. All my tops are 2 or 3xl and some of the fonts look way too small for the jerseys.

  7. Was this a custom you ordered or the cheaper one specifically for KAT?

  8. Not custom. Was on special for $110 nzd in January. Wife brought it for me, birthday present.

  9. I saw a guy pull his scrotum out, grab a burning peice of timber from the open fire and hold it against said scrotum for a good 10 seconds.

  10. I just got a Twolves statement edition swingman and there is a box on front and back side where the heat press has been placed. It's slightly faded the material and left crease marks. I only got it yesterday, ordered it in Jan.

  11. I think it's funny when Luxon stopped bleating about ram raids the news about it stopped too. This will also blow over when Nats stop.

  12. I quit teaching after 10+ years because I am completely burnt out and have developed health problems. No amount of money will keep teachers in the job long term - the conditions have to be improved. Teachers are at the coal face of society. They need smaller class sizes and tons of in-classroom support for the kids who are struggling. The struggling families need support with housing, food, cost of living, parenting and childcare.

  13. My favorite Keown moment is when he battled to get the speed limit on Marshland Road lowered from 100km to 80km after his mother died in an auto accident (fair enough), but then recently when Marshland Rd was lowered to 60km he was on the radio complaining about it.

  14. When I was renting 20 years ago I used to budget $100 per room when looking for a flat. Those days are long gone.

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