TIFU by vomiting into a 92 year-old woman's vagina.

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  1. I mean Grog certainly knew what he was doing

  2. My guess: They all start above level 15. These are not newbies. And we get to see some truly epic battles.

  3. Yes! Great recap vids and d&d players themselves. I have been subscribe to the channel since exu. Highly recommend for sure

  4. Definitely, I think Vox Machina started stronger than the C3 cast are currently if I'm not mistaken. And you only to have needed to play a campaign or two to know that it starts getting exponentially harder to die the higher level the party gets.

  5. If you vomited on a butthole, it wouldn’t go into the butthole…similar thing.

  6. 7 / 8 / 9 were KNOCK OUT AMAZING. 9 being the best of the season (so far?). It's hard to imagine something topping this. It had everything.

  7. I don't think Dorian is going to die, i think Cyrus will die and Dorian will need to return home.


  9. As long as we’re praising Marisha, I’ve got to say that she’s nailing it on TLoVM. Took me a long time to warm up to Keyleth in C1, but on the new show Kiki is quickly emerging as a fan favorite.

  10. I am glad that people are being kind tgo Marisha. Because back when C1 was being aired, many Critters werwe very unkind to her portrayal oof Kelieth. Bordering on cruelty.

  11. All of us have know someone who just wanted to f**k. No matter what gender or type.

  12. The thing you have to understand aout FCG is that he's played by Sam. Sam is the absolute KING of the long-con. FCG misht seem like a simple character now... but I am absolutey certain that he has twists and turns and secrets in there.

  13. Only 10 episodes in and they've already used the "scare the adversary tactic" severa times.

  14. Brian has already said that he's moved on from CR.

  15. If this is true, it would explain why Matt put a Pachydan on the airship when the trio arrived in the city. To establish their presence in the world.

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