1. 🤝 My man. Fucken SAME with "please tag your NSFW/porn correctly" lmao.

  2. The suit has coattails... and the shirt has... "shirttails" I guess? lmao.

  3. Probably??? I guess?? I've never heard the term "shirttails" used before, but it's a better description for them than "flappy things" considering that coattails are already a thing lmao.

  4. I hope that I'll live to see the day that Mr. "Canonically Hates Zoners" Slayer use HC as a blueberry chew toy (and/or Sharon joins in to turn HC into a pin-cushion) lmao.

  5. Strive? Happy Chaos and Ram. I just wanna play the game without having to fear losing 80% of my life from half-screen (and in HC's case, from full-screen). [Sad Faust noises]

  6. ...Gio hot, Sharon pretty... hmskadhahdsdhjmjhnhj Slayer and Goldlewis are Gender... This series really is an LGBT+ person's paradise lmao

  7. That's not his jump animation, that's his j.S. Yes, that's an attack.

  8. Memeing on people by spamming that attack is a surefire way to make people hate you, including fellow Slayer players (especially if you net a win with it) lmao It's great.

  9. Nef Anyo seems like the most Saturday Morning Cartoon Villian in Warframe, who is bumbling despite all his power and wealth. Then he sends his men to "repo" the limbs and organs of a kid who gave you a quest out of pettiness.

  10. Most of the time I see that, it's (assumedly by their name) Japanese players playing on the NA East Coast server, or something similar. May be a case of them playing at a weird time for their server for whatever reason and they figured they'd shoot their shot in another one bc of timezone differences

  11. I thought I was going mad seeing all of the entirely non-English (whether it be Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Brazilian, or Portuguese) names/taglines with lagtastic/teleport-ey-as-hell connections in NA East Coast lobbies.

  12. Fun thing is, Wolf herself already looks balls to the wall TTGL level deluxe, and I'm not even sure it's a good thing

  13. It's not exactly a dedicated fighting game server, but

  14. I love that subreddit, I swear it's the subreddit equivalent to Testament's massive random-ass lists of interests/hobbies in Strive lmao.

  15. It's called "the second-best community for everything" for a good reason!

  16. Ngl, with how goofy faust has been over most of the series, I could totally see him using magic to auto censor himself whenever he cusses, purely for the comedic effect.

  17. Don't forget that the time traveling rock witch is essentially ID-bound to another time traveler that's a Bri'ish disaster who's basically Axl Rose who throws around fire and can ZA WAARUDO his enemies.

  18. I think it’s been removed now, but there used to be a big “TALK TO EM” with an Imgur link to an image macro of Faust saying that to Millia on Faust’s j.p.

  19. I remember that lmao. I also remember his 5S having the caption "ggs shake my hand", and +R Slayer's Up And Close Dandy having the caption "GG in one image" jhasgajsd

  20. Why Errektions™ when I could... get your blood out through a different way? >8}

  21. For those wondering: The Binary says "this guy tried to drank me"

  22. It wouldn't be Guilty Gear otherwise.

  23. Yeah, no reason to complain much anymore anyway. Everyone (well, nearly everyone) gets rollback in their game 👍

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