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  1. Admittedly I don’t know what BMD is or understand it but it this may help ?

  2. Raised prices will result in more theft, so prepare for “Walmart deserts” where people no longer have any goods thanks to Walmarts long tradition of underselling mom and pop stores in small communities to the point of driving all competition out of business. This means many communities lost varied employment opportunities and then could only work for Walmart at poverty wages with too few hours, which further decimated the local economy, leading to increases in crime, including theft, which now will result in Walmart giving up and refusing to serve those markets they knowingly destroyed.

  3. There’s no reasons to return other than an old boomer mentality and commercial real estate needing to collect rent.

  4. The really insidious subtext they're promoting is that being gay is not only a choice, but a fad you should "try out". It's not only disrespectful to actual gay people, but promotes confusion and decisions people may seriously end up regretting.

  5. I’m selling all my US stocks and buying Chinese stocks tomorrow because….. this awesome graphing job

  6. The world economy is going through an expected and natural recession due to a variety of factors with the US doing a great job of mitigating the worst effects despite the economy fundamentally changing forever. The last 20+ years of low inflation was an aberration and was affected by factors such as immigrant labor keeping wages down and goods cheap.

  7. All stated is true to some extent. The funny thing is Biden and you are insulting people by assuming they can’t understand what you just typed.

  8. Nah, they get bailed out. When you're rich, your calls always print because you control the printer.

  9. Speculation that accounting inspections pass with flying colors….then relisting. Could get exciting in February.

  10. But their Medicare goes up significantly and then there’s inflation. It’s not a raise.

  11. Never been charged for an OTC trade on TD Ameritrade. it says it can but never has.

  12. TD Ameritrade just updated there foreign securities charges. 44 $ per transaction plus 6.95 in commission

  13. No much more than that, cutting deals with foreign governments for a seat with the “big guy” they would pay him and give his dad 10% also he has his dad contact name and “Pedo Peter”

  14. The Biden’s took this move out of the Clintons play book. “ pay for access “ “Friend of Bills”. Or maybe it was the other way around?

  15. I mean the good ole USA has a president that came in first place in this event.

  16. Still not surprised. And by fan you mean love watching a train wreck then yea I’m still a fan

  17. While the tone of the transcribed VM does appear to have some bias against LGBTQ persons, the meat of it seems to be pretty rooted in fact and the person who left it may have their own personal (and understandable) reasons for the vitriol. Weiner did in fact vote in favor of

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